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Top Online Flight Booking Sites

by Garry S.

Online Flight Booking Sites, Best Online Flight Booking Sites

Best Website to Buy Airline Tickets

Buying your air tickets are usually the most stressful part of your travel plans. There are so many different websites to choose from and so many different prices that you need to compare before you are able to pick one that is best for you. You need to find the site that is able to aggregate the different options and come up with the best possible results.

Here is a list of pros and cons for different websites so that you can choose the best site for you.

#1 Momondo

Pros: This is hands down the best place if you are looking for the cheapest airfares. It gives the most affordable, quickest, and best results overall.

Cons: Lacks a few bells and whistles that are otherwise found in other sites.

#2 Skyscanner

Pros: This site is among the best for rummaging through and finding the lowest fares, it also shows different prices for multiple airline sites and typically shows the whole months fares with flexible dates. It also shows the airlines that operate codes shares sends out alerts for change in fares and also finds the lowest fare for many places at one time.

Cons: It is not a good site for direct flights, and it shows sponsored results before the organic ones.

Online Flight Booking Sites


Pros: After the purchase of IATA software flight engine Google is able to handle the flight search faster, it gives calendar prices, has detailed filters that are easy to use, can exclude or include an airline or connecting flight that you need. It also mentions amenities and gives the travelers a warning about typical details.

Cons: on occasion the result for softball searches are poor.

#4 Kayak

Pros: This is multiple pros such as emails for fare alerts, flexible dates grid along with the prices, expansive filters (although it would be easier just to choose the option you like rather than unselect the choices you don’t want), advice as to whether to wait or buy now based on the history of price trends,

Cons: Is not very good with itineraries or secondary cities

#5 Hipmunk

Pros: It has unique graphics while displaying results, is user-friendly, gives you email fare alerts, it also has vacation packages.

Cons: It is not the cheapest option and then a pop up for email sign in stays on the screen until an email is entered or the popup is dismissed.

#6 CheapOair

Pros: Has vacation packages, essential details such as baggage fees and fare rules, a map for seat selection, and opaque fares.

Cons: Apart from last minute international travel this site wasn’t very good at finding the best price.

Book Flights Online

#7 SeatGuru

Pros: Has many details about amenities, has comfort ratings, gives the shortest and cheapest routes.

Cons: Poor performance with respect to price and annoying when used. 

#8 Hotwire

Pros: It includes the fees for baggage and also has fare alerts, flexible date searches, and vacation packages.

Cons: There are limited filters, and it gives average to poor results.

#9 Expedia

Expedia now owns two other big booking engines, so you will be able to get the same results if you search for air tickets at,, or Previously Expedia used to be in the middle of the pack but has now fallen to number nine.

Pros: The site includes fare alert emails that send you an email when there are reasonable prices, it also shows prices for alternative dates, and it also gives the baggage fees.

#10 Priceline

Pros: Priceline was able to get an opaque fare that can save you up to 40%.

Cons: It has limited filters which do not include a low-cost carrier.


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