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Best Online Shopping Sites for the Coronavirus Lockdown!

by Rhon A.

Best Online Shopping Sites, Online Shopping Sites

Top Online Shopping Websites Today!

The new decade started with the worst news that anyone could possibly imagine. The deadly coronavirus originated from the Wuhan sea market and spread over nearly all the countries. Countries like Italy, Spain, France, the USA, and of-course China are the most affected regions.

With conditions becoming serious rapidly, most of the governments around the world have decided to go under lockdown! This means that everyone has to stay at home, and not go out unless and until it is absolutely not necessary. Since the main objective is social distancing and prevention of community spread, a few online shopping sites are still functional.

Under these conditions, we the common people can help each other by staying at home. And for necessities, we can try shopping on online websites. This will prevent the chances of any crowd on the streets and in the necessary markets. The following options can be considered-

Best Online Shopping Sites

Since a recent announcement from CEO, Jeff Bezos, Amazon has proved to be a relief for people worldwide. And Amazon is doing this in a very good way. Employees are being given the opportunity to stay at home if they feel unwell. The employees are also being offered rotational working shifts so that they don't feel subjected to any kind of pressure. The organization will be working on delivering all essential goods only. Though the company is facing a great deal of difficulty in doing so, it is determined to work continuously for the customers.


Ultracor is an online active-wear that designs workout clothes and sportswear. Regardless of the emergency issues, it has reported an increase in sales since the middle of this month. This is probably because people spending more time on the internet and trying to utilize more time on exercising indoor. Many people will try to seize their spare time to increase their immunity through a workout. Ultracor is limiting its deliveries to certain regions only and is avoiding high alert areas.


eBay is another organization that won't cease its operations during the lockdown period. But it is restricting the sale of certain products such as hand sanitizer, face masks, and baby products from the sellers registered under it. Restriction on these products implies that they will be allotted in limited quantity for the buyers. The company has generously cut initial fees required to be paid by retail sellers for joining, though this service is currently offered across the UK only.

This offer is available from 26th March 2020 until 31st May 2020 and is promoted for the welfare of the small scale businesses. The retailers joining during this time will also be able to enlist up-to 250 products for sale. eBay is also looking after the inflation of price due to the current emergency situation, and strictly abiding by the government instructions.

Online Shopping Sites

AliExpress is an online shopping section of the global e-commerce giant Alibaba. It has faced product shortage due to the coronavirus outbreak leading to the closing of factories. Though Alibaba has its base operations in China, AliExpress has extended its operations beyond China's borders. It has been providing shipments internationally for a long time now. It has limited its supply chains due to shortages and is doing its best to be active. The range of products has been limited to necessities only.

One factor that has to be noted is the health of the employees. Operating with a lot of precautions, a lot of time is being consumed. This and the limited supply of goods is leading to delay in deliveries. Thus, keeping this in mind, be patient with the delivery person.


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