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Best Paid Jobs of 2019

by Angelina S.

Best Paid Jobs 2019, Highest Paid Jobs 2019

10 Highest Paying Jobs of 2019

Every year, jobs are ranked based on how much they bring in, and 2019 is no different. While the year has only started, it is clear what are the best pay jobs that are recommended to have as a career. According to a survey conducted by, these are the top 10 highest paying jobs in 2019, which are not a whole lot different from previous years:

1. Physicians

Medical and health care professionals take the top positions of the highest paying jobs, and among those professionals, physicians are ranked as number 1. In the United States, the average annual salary of a physician is $195,842, and different doctors get different salaries. The high paychecks are definitely going to the right place, as doctors of all kids have a very demanding job and they save lives. Doctors also make a living from performing surgeries, prescribing medications, performing medical assessments, and a variety of other tasks that take years to learn and perfect.

2. Pharmacy managers

The job of pharmacy managers is to oversee operations of healthcare insurers, drugstores, hospitals, and several other medical associations. During their days, their professionals make sure that everything is up to code when it comes to dispensing medications to people in need. Pharmacy managers negotiate medication and service pricing, monitor different protocols, teach patients about the correct use of their medication and perform other important tasks, and they have an annual salary of $146,412.

Best Paid Jobs 2019
3. Pharmacists

The average annual salary of pharmacists in the United States is $127,120, and their job entails dispensing medications, solve problems that have to do with medical insurance, train technicians, supervise technicians, and also help patient with their medications and how they are supposed to take them.

4. Enterprise architects

An average salary of enterprise architects is $115,944, and they are involved with business strategy planning. During the day, an enterprise architect checks different organizations and the technology they use. After the enterprise architect has all the information, he/she needs, they will work along with the business to communicate what changes it needs to perform using the right technology.

5. Corporate counsels

A corporate counsel is an attorney who works with businesses as part of an attorney staff. The average salary of a corporate counsel is $115,580, and the position entails coordinating with different law firms, let businesses know how to act according to the law in how they conduct themselves, review contracts and commercial agreements, and also make sure that everything happens according to industry regulations.

Highest Paid Jobs 2019

6. Software development managers

Positions that have to do with the high-tech industry are also pretty lucrative, and a software development manager earns about $108,879 a year. As part of their job, software development managers follow instructions given to them by customers and develop software that fulfills instructions as given to them. Also, a software development manager document the steps when developing the software to make sure everything goes by the plan and create technical documentation of the development process.

7. Physician assistants

The average annual salary of physician assistants is $108,761, and they have an integral part in the medical community. A physician assistant will take medical histories by interviewing patients, like the drugs they take, any illnesses they had, medical diagnosis, and more. Once they have the full history of patients, physician assistants will consult doctors to devise a treatment plan, and also refer patients to specialists who can help with their medical condition.

8. Software engineering managers

Software engineering managers have a demanding job that requires them to improve software product engineering processes. The $107,479 a year salary job includes working with different product teams to develop products based on client demands. The teams consist of data, design, and customer management that along with the manager engineer and develop final products.

Highest Paid Jobs

9. Nurse practitioners

Professional nurse practitioners help in saving the lives of patients by diagnosing illnesses, assessing symptoms, prescribing the right medication, consulting with physicians, treating injuries, and referring patients to medical professionals that can help them as well. The average annual salary of nurse practitioners is $106,962, and they are a valuable part of the health care industry.

10. Software architects

The average annual salary of software architects is $105,329, and they are a part of software development teams. A software architect will work alongside technology leaders to design technical solutions for program requirements. Also, software architects work with business stakeholders to research, test, and designs new technologies they will later introduce to stakeholders and technology leaders.

Like in previous years, the highest paid jobs in the USA are in the health care and computer industry. So, if you are thinking about what you want to study or which career path to choose, these two fields are a great option for finding rewarding and satisfying employment.


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