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Best Photo Editor Apps!

by Peggy B.

Photo Editor App, Best Photo Editor App

Best Photo Editor Apps to Use

More than 350 million photos are shared on Facebook and more than 95 million are shared on Instagram every day. Photo editing apps have become immensely popular. Editing options can range from simple photo filters to magazine-quality airbrushing. We discuss in this article the best photo editor apps you might want to consider downloading.

Snapseed (iOS, Android)

The free Google application has been doing well because of its capability to perform simple image editing as well as offer complex controllability with a user-friendly interface. The ability to overwrite a photo when it is uploaded on Snapseed rather than storing a copy is an example of its user-friendliness. Customization possibilities are endless with the immense control that Snapseed offers its users. Users can remove items from a photo or edit up to 8 points of a photo without affecting the entire image. Batch editing is possible by storing custom settings in a bunch. Users can create a QR code of the finished image, store it and apply the QR code later to apply the same effects to other images.

VSCO (iOS, Android)

VSCO has a vast collection of filter preset that enable you to edit photos that resemble classic film. VSCO’s filters are subtle but adjustable to your taste. Their filters are mostly soft and faded, a trend that has become popular on Instagram. VSCO comes free with a set of filters but you can download more if you wish. Some are free, while others cost a little something extra. The app also comprises its own social network replete with an image feed and messaging service.

Photo Editor App

Adobe Photoshop Express (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

When you need more than a mere smattering of filters, Photoshop Express steps in with powerful functionalities like fixing red-eye and removing blemishes, making collages, and adding professional looking text as an overlay to photos. Its cropping skills are so impressive, your photographs can be cropped according to the needs of different social media platforms. Add-on packages like the Adobe Advanced Pack and the Adobe Looks Pack are also available.


Autodesk Pixlr (iOS, Android)

As far as a low level, free of charge, photo editing software goes, Autodesk’s Pixlr is well equipped with everything you need to crop, resize, overlay and occasionally add stickers and doodles. Photoshop users may not wish to jump ship to Pixlr. However, the most striking thing about Pixlr is how well organized it is. The options are classified into just five categories on the home page. Collages are a major strength of the app thanks to its range of tools and combinations that enable a wide variety of collages. The app is perfect for the user with simple requirements of their photo editing app.

Prisma (iOS, Android)

Prisma is an app that transforms your images into works of art in the styles of Picasso, Van Gogh, and so much more. The filters are created based on deep learning algorithms and Prisma has over 30 of them. The collection of filters is frequently updated and the app includes a social media platform as well.

Best Photo Editor App

Adobe Lightroom CC (iOS, Android, MAC, Windows)

Adobe Lightroom CC is for the serious photographer, comprising state-of-the-art AI-based photo processing in addition to capturing and tweaking RAW format images. However, its ease of use makes it also suitable for the beginner. For the beginner, one-tap presets to edit photos are available. And for the advanced user, adjustments to refine color, sharpness, and exposure. The app also syncs easily between your computer and mobile device, making it easy to start a project on one device and seamlessly continue it on another.

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