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Best Photo Sharing Apps!

by Eddie V.

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Top Apps for Sharing Photos

For many of us, the sole reason for pressing the camera button is to share our moments with friends, and if there are mutual likes, families too. There is a problem though: you do not want to show all your friends and family members the photos. This could be a problem when it comes to sharing photos. The best photo sharing apps provide you with much-needed flexibility.


Since the time Yahoo sold this app to SmugMug, its features have mostly remained the same. This will change. Free users can upload up to a maximum of 1,000 photos per account starting January 8. The app provides its users with an excellent choice of tools and a broad range of tagging features. It supports photos in multiple resolutions. A stats engine will also be added so that you can see who has seen your photos. Albums can be easily organized by the convenient drag-and-drop system from different collections. Flickr is the best app for serious photographers.



This app is squarely focused on serious photographers. It has an image-centric design which places the photos at the center and at the front, thus offering an elegant and clean way to best display the images you want to show to the world. The pictures can be organized into Sets ( meaning photographs of the same theme) and also Stories (event photographs) which results in showing the images in an extremely dramatic fashion. The free service permits a maximum of 2,000 photos to be stored.


It is coded specifically for sharing children's photos and a number of friends and family. The app is an excellent one and looks good. It is an effective app and could be accessed both from the cell-phone and the web. The pictures could be grouped easily and be captioned as well. It can then be shared with a tailor-made group of people who can insert their comments. The comments could be seen at the top. It is by all purposes an online journal where you could record all the important phases of your child growing up. The photos can then be shared with relatives. You can also ask your selected friends to view the photos on the web or through email if they do not want to install the 23Snaps mobile app.



This app's free version comes with 2GB of space, adequate to store approximately 400 photos. The downside is there are a large number of intrusive advertisements, including irritating pop-ups. There are a number of editing tools which can be used via an easy-to-use and simple interface. The list has a number of unusual tools like the smart color brush. This selectively adds the color back into any mono image. After you edit the photos, it is easy to add the basic tags and then organize them into Stories or albums. It is possible to add accompanying text. The app offers an excellent support when it comes to selling prints.

Canon Irista

Canon, the company which manufactures cameras, coded this app. You do not require any Canon camera to use this app. A number of features come standard, like uploader programs for all operating systems. It is easy to use the system, with effective album creation and tagging features. A negative is a non-existent support when it comes to photo book creation or purchasing prints. Free users get a large 15GB space and the minimum subscription gets 100GB. A number of plans are available, with costlier plans providing more space. The maximum amount of space that comes with the most expensive plan is a massive 10TB.

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