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Best Places to live in New York!

by Roni G.

NYC Neighborhoods, Best Places to live in New York

Best Residential Locations in New York

New York City probably is one of the most expensive places to live in in the USA. It can prove to be a real challenge to find the right place to live in. It depends on what you can afford and also multiple other factors. You need to consider the costs, distance of commute, access to means of transport, nightlife, etc.

1. Tribeca
Tribeca – essentially stands for "Triangle below Canal Street" This place is regarded as an upscale and safe residential area. It attracts a lot of families for this very reason. The location is such that it gives you easy access to the whole of Lower Manhattan. Initially, this was a hardcore business-centric area. Now there is a transition into a residential area. Commercial buildings and warehouses are getting converted into luxury lofts and apartments. It is home to many celebrities – Taylor Swift and Beyonce to name a few. 

2. Battery Park City
Battery Park City is more of a planned community area. This place is popular among slightly older people. It is regarded as a good place if you are looking to raise your family here. Location wise it is scenic as it is bang on the bank of the Hudson River. This falls in Lower Manhattan. This residential area has seen great traction especially after many people got displaced in the 9/11 attacks.

NYC Neighborhoods

3. Dumbo

Dumbo - this stands for "down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass" This is located between the Manhattan bridge and the Brooklyn bridge. This area is very popular mainly due to its location as it gives easy access to both Manhattan as well as Brooklyn. It also is known for its well-qualified tech community. No surprise that this is one of the costliest areas to live in.

4. Kips Bay
Kips Bay was initially named after some colonial settler who lived here in the early days. This area is quiet and certainly more peaceful than a lot of other areas in NYC. It is very famous for the micro-apartment way of living. It is located to the south of Murray Hill.

5. Nolita
Nolita - true to its name is located to the north of Little Italy. This area moved from being considered a part of Little Italy to having its own distinctive identity. It is popular among Gen X as it is more affordable than other trendy and upscale neighborhoods like SoHo.

6. The Financial District
The Financial District hosts many of New York City's financial institutions. For example - The New York Stock Exchange, Federal Reserve Bank, etc. It also plays home to a few memorable landmarks like One World Trade Center and the 9/11 Memorial. While it may seem a business and commercial area, it has been growing in repute as a residential area since the past few years.

Best Places to live in New York
7. Murray Hill
Murray Hill was earlier reputed to be the most "uptown" residential area in New York City. This was during the mid 19th century and this area was considered to be every elite and upscale. In the 90s, younger students began moving into this neighborhood. Today this area has great nightlife, good restaurants, and shopping areas.

8. Gramercy
Gramercy is a historic area located to the east of the Flatiron District. Some of the building landscapes here date back to as old as the 19th century. The aesthetics of these buildings are a combination of Italian and Greek designs. This area hosts the extremely expensive and exclusive Gramercy Park. This place is so upscale that you can get in only if you pay an annual fee and have a key to enter.

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