The Best Portable Chargers and how to Choose a Portable Charger!

March 2019

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How to Pick the Best Portable Charger

A portable charger or a power bank is one of the most popular smartphone accessories to hit the market in recent times. Simply put, it is a portable power supply that can be used to charge smartphones and tabs anywhere without requiring a wall socket or a computer. It is like a secondary battery that is capable of charging smartphones and other accessories.

There are various kinds of power banks available in the market. Smaller ones have the short number of charging cycles and limited power capacity. The capacity of power banks is measured in mAh which is short for milliAmpere hour. Powerbanks with higher mAh rating will have higher power capacity and the greater number of charge cycles. Powerbanks not only in vary in power capacities but also in charging technologies and the kind of power ports offered. This results in different kinds of charging speeds. Many portable chargers also come with various kinds of quick-charge technologies which results in high charge rates.

Picking the right portable charger

Portable chargers have almost become a necessity these days. With increasing dependency on smartphones for internet, multimedia, camera, gaming, hotspot, and other applications, smartphones run out of power incredibly fast. This is why portable chargers are so popular in the market today. The marketplace is flooded with various kinds of power banks and selecting the right one requires taking the right factors into consideration.

Portable Charger

The first metric that is to be considered is the power capacity rating. As mentioned above, the higher the power capacity, the greater is the battery life and charge cycles. A basic a rule of thumb is that the portable charger should be above the mAh rating of the smartphone battery.

This will ensure more than one charge cycle per recharge. However, if the customer carries more accessories such as Bluetooth headphones and speakers, a tablet or a Kindle eReader, then the mAh rating should be several times higher. For example, if the smartphones have a battery of 2,100 mAh then to ensure charging of all the devices, an 8000 mAh portable charger is recommended.

There is the tradeoff between the power capacity of the charger and the price and weight. The higher the power capacity, the bigger and heavier the portable charger. This also means that the charger is more expensive. The customer should analyze their needs and preferences before selecting a charger. If they wish for a balance between charging capacities and ergonomics then blindly going for the highest power capacity charger will not solve their concerns.

Best Portable Chargers
Whereas if they are heavy users of various kinds of digital equipment, then there are a lot of big portable chargers which are also sturdy enough to be travel ready. Customers should check the mAh rating of all of their devices and note how long each device lasts on a complete charge. By adding up all of the mAh ratings, they will get an idea about their power requirement and the number of charge cycles they need.

Another major factor that should be taken into consideration is the charging time and the presence of smart or quick charge technologies. These technologies allow for safe and extremely fast charging of devices safeguarding them from overheating and current overloads. Added to this, the charging time matters because once the device is connected to the charger, it needs to stay connected for a short duration of time for it to be portable.

While most of these portable chargers need to be recharged like a typical smartphone, there are also some solar chargers that are great for outdoor activities such as road trips and camping.