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Best Saving Apps Overview: Top Savings Apps to Help you with Savings!

by Rob V.

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These are the Best Saving Apps: 

There are so many ways to spend money these days, with easy access to shopping either for clothing, electronics, home decor and so on. Saving does seem like a daunting task. Along with the automation of various ways to spend money, there are also apps and sites that help you save money. If you need help with controlling your finances, budgeting apps are available. New money management and budgeting apps help fill your savings automatically and accelerate your savings goals without any stress. You can also use these apps to spend less on daily expenses. You can check out these apps depending on how you want to save up.

1. Chime

It is a mobile banking app that is available on Android and Apple devices. It features a spending account and a debit card that is FDIC-insured to deposit money safely. It has an automatic savings feature that automatically sets aside 10% of every paycheck. Chime is a free app that does not require any fee, overdraft or foreign transaction fees. You can also opt to round up on every purchase and have the difference amount transferred to your savings account every time you use the Chime debit card.

chime saving app

2. Mint

It is an app that allows you to stay on top of your bills and ensures that you do not make late payments. Mint allows you to develop a budget and keep track of all your financial activity. It can oversee and track your savings, retirement, checking and so on. It automatically stores any transaction information. You can also receive a free credit score to monitor the way you handle your money and your net cash flow. It gives you an opportunity to get a better loan rate. It is available on Android and iOS.

mint saving app

3. Acorns

It is an investing app that rounds up the purchases you've made on the credit and debit cards linked to the app. Your money will be invested in exchange-traded funds based on your portfolio. College students can use the Acorn app for free up to four years. People have to pay a monthly fee to use this app. If you make purchases using the cards linked to the app, the company's partners, BlueApron and Airbnb give back a percentage of the purchase to your Acorn savings account.

acorns saving app

4. You Need a Budget

It is a user-friendly app that teaches you the value of money. The software runs by four simple rules, - Give every dollar a job, Save for a rainy day, roll with the punches and Live on last month's income. As a result, it teaches you how to prioritize certain expenses.  The aim of the app is to help you manage your finances effectively. You can find ways to handle unexpected costs, retirement, emergencies and live within your means. It is available on iOS, Android, Apple Watch and Amazon's Alexa.

you need a budget saving app


5. Clarity Money

It is a free app that clarifies your wise spending choices and wasteful spending. It cancels subscriptions that are of no use to you. It helps in negotiating your bills to a lower rate. It also has a money saving app that can track where you've spent to ensure that you stay on a budget. Clarity Money also recommends credit cards that could fit into your lifestyle to help you earn credit easily.

clarity money saving app

6. Qapital

It provides a set of rules to automate your savings. Qapital rounds up a transaction to the nearest dollar and then puts it into an FDIC-insured account. You need an external checking account to link it to Qapital and funs your goals. It is a free app.

Qapital saving app


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