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Best Song Lyrics Websites!

by Kelly B.

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Find Song by Lyrics with these Sites!

Just because you enjoy a song does not mean that you know what the artist is actually singing. Many artists often make use of deliberate vocal choices that drown out the words and leave stunning music for the ears. However, misheard lyrics are a reality of our world and have been since the days when musicians traveled to the courts of kings for patronage, perhaps even before.

The global expansion in the music industry means that people across the world are listening to songs that are not necessarily in their native language. Take for example the crazy fame many western artists have in countries like Japan and Korea, countries where a significant majority of the population do not speak English. The success of international artists like BTS, Luis Fonsi and many other up and coming artists open doors to music in different languages. If you thought singing along to a song in English was hard, try it in a language you do not even know.

Song Lyrics

With the internet making music from all over the world accessible at the touch of your fingertips, looking up song lyrics helps you understand and give context to what you are listening to.

However, where should you go to find the best song lyrics?

You could be looking for song lyrics for any reason. Maybe you want to know for sure what your favorite artist is singing. Maybe the song you like is in another language and you are looking for a translation to it. Maybe you are tired of badly constructed subtitles and captions in your favorite music videos and are looking for the actual lyrics.

Irrespective of why you need to find song lyrics, these websites will help you find the correct lyrics to any song. A website that brings you not just song lyrics, but music discovery as well, this is both a popular and a useful resource. They utilize a powerful search bar that is built to locate and bring to you the music you want, based on the song title, lyrics or artist. You can also locate other music by the artist. Each of the lyric pages on the site come with an embedded video of the song in question so you can listen to the song while reading the lyrics. The website also contains artist biographies, popular songs, discographies, pages created by fans and more. With a domain name that is so to the point, provides exactly what they said they will – lyrics. A major difference that makes this website the preferred destination when it comes to lyric hunting is its sleek design combined with very low numbers of ads. The website also contains information on new releases, top songs and of course the lyrics on the website do not contain mistakes. is one of the most popular places to look for song lyrics. If you are looking for a site that stays up to date with the latest in music and uploads new lyrics regularly, then this is where you want to go. Their collection boasts everything from the classics to contemporary music. If a song was released recently and you were looking for its lyrics, then this is one of the places where you will find it at the earliest.

LyricsOnDemand If you are into music discovery through lyrics, then this is one of the best destinations on the internet. The website also uses a rating system where users can assign star ratings to lyrics. The website also shows you how many times the lyric to a particular song was searched for.

With these websites backing you up, your next karaoke session is bound to make you feel like a music industry professional.


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