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Best Ways and Best Times to Publish your Youtube Videos!

by Malik R.

Best Time to Publish Youtube Video, How to Publish Video on Youtube

Youtube Videos: Best Time to Publish Youtube Videos for Maximum Exposure

YouTube had seen a tremendous growth over the years from their first video upload in 2005. Nowadays, there are over 300 hours of content that is uploaded on to youtube every minute, by different users and content creators. YouTubers compete to share its 5 billion daily video views.

The question that is asked by YouTubers all around the world is, "What is the best time to upload a video on youtube?". Creating quality content is a difficult task and making sure that people watch it is harder. Even when the video has both these qualities, if it isn't uploaded at the right time, it could be fruitless. The best time to upload a video on YouTube to ensure maximum traffic, better ranking on the training sections and going viral on the whole. Customizing the time to upload the video is essential.

Here are a few pointers that will help in refining the timeline according to the video content.

1. Strategy

To amplify the reach you get and motion your content into the trending section on YouTube, devising a methodologic strategy is vital. Content that is uploaded during the highest traffic hours and with the days that have maximum engagement.

2. Weekday demands

YouTube users tend to demand content during the weekdays oddly enough. The highest amount of requests are generally on Wednesday and Thursday. The reason behind this is usually because people tend to work during the week and have time to spend online after work. They leave their weekends free to socialize and go out instead.

3. Understand the relevance of content

When the content to be uploaded is in relevance with time and season, it results in a harmonious combination. For example, if the content is a recipe for cooking, say, biryani, the best time to upload it would be at 12 pm because it generally takes an hour for a video to upload. YouTuber users generally browse for cooking recipes and tutorials during 1pm-6 pm. Either for lunch or dinner.

4. Length of the video

Uploading a video with content that has a good flow and isn't too long or short is essential.

5. Understand YouTube.

When videos are uploaded on weekday afternoons, it gives YouTube enough time to index the videos and deliver them to subscriber's feed. Posting between 2 p.m and 4 p.m on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are advised by the Frederator. Posting between 9 a.m and 11 a.m during the weekend is optimal.

6. Time of the year.

YouTubers have to understand that majority of their viewers are in school or university. In accordance with the transitional period from May to September. It is the time when YouTube subscribers are either finishing or starting classes, sports season, vacation or outdoor activities. It is ideal to create content that is relatable to these events to ensure viewership as these months is known to be the worst months for YouTube. The aspect of fluctuating ad rates over the course of the year needs to be taken into account.

7. External factors.

Geographical location is also a factor that can determine the viability of the content in a video. For example, Vevo could be popular in the US but isn't popular in Afghanistan. So, a video or song uploaded on Vevo will produce more traffic in America. The number of videos updated on a playlist also influences the visibility of the video uploaded.

8. General entertainment content.

Creating entertaining videos that people globally can relate to, will definitely increase the viewership. For example, Vines videos garner a lot of views with its entertaining compilations that are watched by people across the globe.

These are some of the best ways to gain maximum exposure.

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