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The World’s Best Torrenting Websites

by Kelly B.

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Top Torrent Websites Reviewed!

Choosing the right site for torrenting can be a tricky task. Firstly, dodging political authorities and a few of the laws usually leads to torrent sites shutting down fast. Secondly, there are torrent sites filled with malware and ads which provide low-quality torrent files or fake torrents in all. Addressing it, here is a list of the world's top torrenting websites for 2019 while providing the following information towards providing you a true assessment of each torrent site's state.

Criteria for Choosing the Top Torrenting Websites

  • Year of establishment: this is a reliability gauge so to speak. The older the website the more reliable it can be to the user. Popular torrent sites surviving five to ten years without being shut down tend to be more reliable.
  • Popular formats: this includes a few popular content formats being found on sites featured here.
  • Banned in these countries: when a torrent site is banned in a country, this tells the user it was popular.
  • Supporting instant downloads: indicating if a torrent site supports instant downloads.
  • Mirrors and IPs: we include IP addresses to allow you means of accessing a torrent site if it blocked by the ISP.
  • How many torrents: total number of torrents found on the site when compiling a list.
  • Speed test: using a single VPN and listing results of a file download under every site.

Multiple torrent sites could get blocked in the region. So restoring access means needing to use a VPN.

Do note that we do not encourage illegal activities. Downloading copyrighted material can be deemed illegal from country to country, even in countries permitting torrenting.

Best Torrenting Websites

The Pirate Bay

This is the quintessential torrent site being one of the most popular visited sites on the internet. TPB has been making torrents popular and has been found in many variants over the years. They are trustworthy with the quality of torrents they host.

The Pirate Bay


This is a great torrent site for movie lovers. The host hosts some of the best high quality and high-resolution video torrents on the internet. Top 10 lists come in handy showing users what the most popular movies on the site are with a detail page for each download.



Primarily regarded as the best torrent site for obscure files, 1337X is popular amongst older users. While the database might not be as large as others, it almost always has what users seek.



Torlock is amazing as a resource for original verified torrents. This site will pay users $1 for each fake torrent they report with over 5 million verified torrents being claimed. You'll find popular and current files for download in software, games, anime, and movies as well as music and other categories. The site provides a Top 100 list telling users what is most popular amongst peers and seeders.


Widely regarded as one of the top torrenting websites for movies, focuses keenly on movies. Its easy-to-use layout with a wide range of old and new titles makes life really easy for the movie buff. The torrents are extremely easy on bandwidth making those with data caps happy.

They are the unofficial successor to the now-expired YTS or YIFY group that shut shop in 2015. The site has a huge user base, helping the BitTorrent protocol operate smoother.

Users fall in love with the instantaneity of TorrentDownloads. It is a super straightforward torrent detail page. This gives it enough reason to take a chance with this site. However, it also has a great number of high-quality torrents on top of a big database.


You may not want to skip this site. Users report the database numbers as impressive with the frequency of legitimate torrents being enough for them to return. Internal lists provide information helping the user understand if a torrent should be downloaded.



Zooqle has nearly 4 million verified torrents, which is why it is considered to be one of the top torrenting websites these days. Like with similar torrents, Zooqle allows you to download TV shows, movies, games, apps, books, music, and much more. So, you can download all the content that you want in one place. One of the best features of Zooqle, which makes it one of the top torrenting websites these days, is that it has not banners. So, you can download your favorite torrents without being bombarded with ads and banners every second.

top torrenting websites zooqle


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