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May 2019

Discover the best travel backpacks for you and how to choose the perfect travel backpack!

How to Pick the Best Travel Backpack Based on your Travel Needs

Choosing the perfect travel backpack is a crucial component for planning any trip. If your travel bag is too big and bulky, it will not be an easy task for you to carry it around. Plus, you could not even get it on a plane. On the flip side, if it is very small, all your stuff can never fit in it. Also, think of a scenario when you choose a travel bag made of the wrong material. All your stuff can get wet in the rain.

However, there are such a large variety of backpacks on the market that it can be a daunting task to know how to choose the one, which is apt for you.

So, how do you select a good travel backup for your upcoming trip?

A good backpack is one that can last for a long period and can remain intact irrespective of how much you have been abusing it. Your travel backpack should also have all the following traits discussed below. So, do not buy a travel backpack, which does not fulfill all these criteria.

Travel Backpack
Should be made of water-resistant material

Although your backpack may not be one-hundred percent waterproof, you need to ensure that it is made of at least a semi-waterproof material so that your stuff does not get moist when it is drizzling outside. You also need to ensure that the fabric does not remain wet for a long time and get musty as a result. Treated nylon fiber can be a good choice for your backpack material. Test a backpack by pouring little water over it and check whether its insides are getting drenched or not.

Should feature a padded hip belt

A majority of your backpack’s weight will be on your hips while you will be moving around. Hence, you require a backpack with a padded belt so that the weight is well-supported and you feel more comfortable while traveling. Such a belt can offer proper support, as well as, distribute the weight more uniformly on your back, thus causing you less strain. Make sure that this hip belt is adjustable so that accessing your gear is hassle-free.

Go for a front-loading backpack

A backpack that features front-loading enables the traveler to open the zip from the bag’s side face so that all the stuff can be conveniently accessed. Make sure to always go for a travel backpack that enables front loading to access your gear easily.

Best Travel Backpacks

Should have multiple compartments or partitions

A good travel backpack should feature more than one compartment. It will enable you to distribute your stuff into smaller parts so that accessing them is simpler. Also, you can find them faster.

Go for an internal-frame pack

A majority of the travel backpacks these days are packs with internal-frame. At the same time, you will still come across some backpacks with external frames. Never go for one of these. Rather, ensure that you purchase one that has an internal frame. The latter not only is better aesthetically but your backpack also becomes slimmer so that you can move around more easily. Plus, backpacks with the internal frames are more lightweight making them more comfortable for your back. As such you feel less overloaded while carrying its load. These pads will also reduce the pressure that your shoulders have to face otherwise.

To conclude this discussion, it will be fair to say that a travel backpack has to be proportional to the body of its carrier. When a backpack is either too small or is excessively big, the weigh cannot be balanced uniformly and cause severe back pain and can even make you stumble. 

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