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Best Ways to Apologize to Your Loved Ones

by Keren P.

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How to Say You Are Sorry

Many of us are not quite comfortable about apologizing for doing something wrong. Whatever could be the actual reason, the first reaction people show when someone is unpleased with them is to be defensive. That is one of the key reasons why people should learn and practice ways of apologizing. Once you learn how to do that, people will start appreciating you as many people lack such a skill.

Often, many people are so engrossed with their own lives and fulfilling their own desires that they do not realize they could be hurting other people unintentionally or intentionally. On several such occasions, while an honest apology becomes not only essential but also the sole gesture, which can rebuild the strained relationship.

Since many of could have struggled to apologize for hurting someone else’s feelings, here are some of the best ways to apologize and say that you are sorry:

1. Listen carefully
Even before you open your mouth and start explaining, you should pay attention to what the other person is saying. Make an attempt to figure out what you did that hurt them. Your apology will hardly have the desired effect if you failed to pay attention when the other person was speaking. Take some time to deliberate and try figuring out how your words had an impact on them and what you would feel in their place.

2. Be candid and acknowledge that you did something wrong
A person who committed the mistake needs to acknowledge they erred and express that they have understood the reason why the other person felt hurt. In fact, the reason why a person needs to follow this step is that there is no point in apologizing without highlighting the fact that they have realized why their actions or words were hurtful to the hearer.

3. Apologize with sincerity
While the step looks like nonessential, it is an era when qualified, made up, and superficial non-apologies are usually associated with coming from public figures and politicians. Often, many people use the word “sorry” without being genuinely apologetic. On the other hand, a humble and sincere apology will never try justifying any kind of wrongdoing. Rather, it will highlight that you realize your wrongdoing, willing to accept your responsibility, and are not averse to the idea of change.

4. Do not make the matter of apologizing as an ego issue
Statistics prove that many couples simply want to prove that they are right while fighting and always want to win in an argument. However, apologizing to your partner or spouse is definitely not the same as saying that your partner is right and you are not. Instead of apologizing to your spouse simply means that a cordial and amicable relationship is more important for you as compared to your ego.

5. Ask to be excused
Every time you plead for forgiveness, it is your noble way of giving an opportunity to the other person to respond and react. On certain occasions, you need to give them more time. It would give them a chance to either accept your apologies or reject it.

6. Never indulge in a blame game if you want to sort out differences
It is perhaps the biggest roadblock to overcome if the other person has got hurt due to some words or actions of yours and you are not ready to accept your mistakes. It is a natural reaction for many people to feel that the other person provoked them to behave in a negative fashion. However, if you start blaming the other person for your actions, you are refusing to own up the mistakes made by you. To cut it short, playing a blame game can never validate your apology.

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