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May 2019

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How to Change the Watch Face on Your Wear OS Device?

Wear OS Phone is a new and trending device that everyone wants to purchase. You can customize it to your aesthetic needs. If you want to change the watch face on your smartwatch, you’ll be glad to know that it is one of the easiest ways to customize your wearable device. It can significantly affect your personalized features and add your personality and unique flair to the gadget.

One of the first things many of us will want to do when we get an Android Wear device is to customize it according to our aesthetics. There will be plenty of apps that come along for the new breed of a smartwatch, and we'll possibly see a replacement user interfaces just like we do on our smartphones, but we will deal with something more fundamental, which is changing the default watch face.

What do you mean by changing the watch face?

Changing your watch face essentially means that you change the background and wallpaper of your OS watch. It is easy to do, and it changes the look of the device on your wrist. You can change them the same way that you would change the wallpaper on your Android phone or tablet, with just a few swipes and taps to make it all happen.

Wear OS

What is an Android Wear device?

They are smartwatches that run Google's wearable software. It is a wearable platform apart from Apple's iWatch, and it includes all the functionalities that you'd expect, from notifications for incoming texts, emails and more to at-a-glance Google Now updates.

How to Download Android Wear Watch Faces?

After you purchase an Android Wear smartwatch, you have the newly arrived gadget in your hand right now. Naturally, you'll certainly want to customize and personalize the watch with apps that make the wearable most useful to you. You will want apps that can track your workouts, weather apps, productivity apps, and so on.

You will also want a watch face that needs to be downloaded to add a bit more of your personality than the standard option that your smartwatch is shipped with. 

OS Watch
Now that you have downloaded the watch face you want to use on your Android Wear device, you can change the face on your wearable in three different ways.

1. Changing the face from the background of the watch's screen
First, you tap on the screen to wake up your watch. Then you touch and hold any spot on the watch's screen for two seconds, which will display a list of watch faces to choose.

You can proceed to swipe from right to left to check out your options. Then tap on the watch face that you want.

2. The smartphone is used for the Android Wear App to change the face
You can make changes through your smartphone. 
First, you open the Android Wear app on your phone. Then, a selection of watch faces under the image of your clock will be displayed in the app. After you select your desired wallpaper/design, tap on it to select it. You can also tap on More to find more options.

3. Changing face through the settings on the watch
You touch the watch's screen and from the top of the screen, you swipe downwards. You can proceed to swipe from left to right until you see Settings, then you tap on it. Continue scrolling down until you see the Change watch face option. Click on it and then swipe from right to left to check out all the face options available. Proceed to select the design you like and change the watch's face.

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