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What are the Best Website Builder Services

by Eric C.

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What are the Best Website Builder Services

With the rise of the economy of the internet all sectors of the business, entertainment and social world are shifting their base of operations to the internet. Having a website allows businesses to stay connected with their customers at all points of time, helps in building brand recognition and make communication with large audiences and customer groups easy. While most large-scale businesses have their own dedicated team of web designers and programmers, a lot of small to medium businesses and self-employed individuals create their own website using a wide range of website builder services.

Before hiring the services of any website building service there are certain things that businesses and individuals should keep in mind. The first and probably the most important thing is that there should be a clear idea of the goal of the website. The purpose for which the website is meant for will impact the design and features. For example, a personal or travel blog will have a completely different layout from a journalism e-zine or online retail stores. Businesses can choose to observe and analyze the websites of their competitors to get a better idea of the goal of the website and the way to go about designing it. Businesses also need to keep their targeted growth in mind and must make provisions for scaling while designing their online platforms. The website builder that is selected must have provisions for scaling the operations.

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Most website building platforms today offer an easy-to-learn user interface where design elements, widgets and other features can be simply dragged and dropped at the relevant locations. There is no special training or programming knowledge required for using these website building services and online tools. While a lot of these website building services are free of cost, their paid or premium versions offer much greater flexibility and deeper customization options when compared with the free versions. Most website building services today also come equipped with analytical tools for monitoring and improving website traffic.


Some of the best website building services

Mentioned below is a list of the best website building services that are available online today.

  • Wordpress- This is probably the most popular and comprehensive website building service that is available today. It has both a free service and a selection of advanced paid packages with numerous features. Approximately 28% of all the websites on the internet are powered by Wordpress. It offers the maximum amount of control to its users amongst all other website building services.
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  • Wix- Wix is a very popular website building service that offers its services on a cloud platform. It is a fully-hosted service and there is no payment involved for accessing any of the features. All the templates and design details can be added or modified using simple drag and drop gestures. There are also a wide number of apps that come with Wix which users can incorporate in their websites. Wix also provides its users with a free SSL on all the plans and services offered.
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  • Shopify- Shopify is a website building service that is primarily targeted at building online shops and retail services. This website builder is known to power more than half a million businesses and has over 1 million active users. Sales over $40 million have been conducted on platforms powered by Shopify so far. Shopify is also fully-hosted and requires no input from the owner or user for software updates, management and backups. There is also a powerful payment portal included in the design templates which allows the users to add third-party payment gateways.
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