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Broker From Home: Find Out the Best Websites to Invest in Stocks

by Kelly B.

Broker, Best Websites to Invest in Stocks

How to Buy Stocks Online with the Best Websites

Online stockbroker selection is the vital decision you must take as an investor. Traders are unique in their investment styles when it comes to trading in stock and options. The bouquet of offered services provides individual brokers to be extremely selective in finding out which online broker is best suited to their requirements.

The criteria for choosing the best websites include low overheads and affordable pricing. Different investors prioritize different things. Day traders need flexibility and speed. Novice traders require reliable client support and better educational resources. Cost is, however, one element which should always be factored in. Websites must be compared as per their prices. New customer promotions could affect overall commission costs. Brokers usually provide a certain number of free trades. These can average out higher priced per-commission expenses. Fees should be minimum too.

Ally Invest

When it comes to trading stocks cheaply, All Invest wins hands down. Clients do not have to pay any inactivity charge and the transfer fee is eminently affordable. Investors enjoy a zero account minimum balance. Active investors get mouthwatering discounts. Equity trades are charged rock-bottom fees. The latter drops further when the investor does more trades. Best of all, Ally Invest offers top quality tools and research. Clients get access to the company's online trader network.


Other than its extremely attractive pricing, Ally Invest provides a better platform offering the investor full access to a plethora of ETFs and stocks. All varieties of investors can benefit from this. The investor can take advantage of profit-loss estimators and sophisticated calculators to name a few. The company also has an excellent research laboratory incorporating interactive media and visual slides. These are inserted into market data.


This is ideal for novice investors. For the newbie, two factors matter: an easier and thus swifter learning curve and to make this possible, plentiful room to grow. The E*TRADE company provides both. The platform has a huge stock of educational articles and videos, A huge number of webinars take place for each kind of investor. These come in handy after you have learned the fundamentals. The reports and market news generated by E*TRADE analysts are extremely helpful for the nouveau, insecure investor. If you have any confusion, you can chat online or use the 24-hour hotline.

Another advantage of E*TRADE is the low minimum balance which must be inside the account. The minimum investment amount could at first seem to be expensive, like $500. However, in the company's defense, this amount is the lowest when it comes to witnessing actual growth. Compared to other brokerages, $500 is minimal. If the investor makes a $10,000 deposit, the company will provide that person 60 days of fully zero commissions.

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TD Ameritrade

This company wins hands down for its platform design. It offers two best platforms and designed for two totally different kinds of investors. Any investor enjoying an Ameritrade account can use any platform. Web-centric Trade Architect, often in the shadow of another platform named thinkorswim is easy to use. It will be a favorite of investors who want an educational and simplified interface. The top navigation allows the user to flip screens between accounts and trading tools. There are also pie charts, heat maps, stocks, and account overview.

The Thinkorswim, in contrast, is a powerhouse crafted for advanced. This desktop application has won a large number of awards due to its superior features and tools. A number of positive features like technical studies, real-time data, and thriving chat room for traders. A corresponding trader will use thinkorswim and its multiple advances with the option trading tabs.

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