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6 Best WhatsApp Tricks and Features You Have to know!

by Eddie V.

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6 Best WhatsApp Features You Will Love Using!

WhatsApp is one of the most popular chatting apps that people from all over the world use. The quick and easy to use app allows you to talk text people quickly, view when people read your texts, perform video chats, and more. One of the best things about WhatsApp is that it is completely free, so you can text away without having to worry about your phone bill. The unique app also keeps getting updated, so there some features that even binge-users do not know. To make the most out of the popular chatting app, you should get to know the best WhatsApp tricks you can use every day.


1. Group Video Chats

As most of you know, you can make free video calls to your friends and speak to them face to face whenever you want. In the past, the video calls were meant for two people, but the video call feature has developed; nowadays, you can make video phone calls to several people at once, meaning you can make conference phone calls. As of now, you can make a group phone call for four people in total, and this is how to do it:

First of all, select the first person you want to call on your WhatsApp app. Then, tap on the small video icon at the top of the chat. whatsapp video

Afterward, tap on the little add person icon (you can find it at the top-right corner of the chat). You can only add one person at a time, so after the person you added picks up, you can add the other conversation participants. When adding people to the call chat, you will be asked if you want to add the person you chose. Tap "add," and the person will be able to jump right into your video phone call.

WhatsApp group video chat

The feature allows you to make plans with several people at once or talk about important things with several people instead of having one-on-one conversations every time, so it comes in very handy.

2. Group Chat Improvements and Features

Group chats are a great way to have texting conversations with several people at once. As WhatsApp learns more about its users' needs, it makes more and more improvements to its features – like group texting. WhatsApp has added the following improvements to one of its most popular features so that you can get more (or less) from your group chats:

  • Leaving a group chat – in the old WhatsApp version, a person who left a group chat could be easily added by the admin. With the new WhatsApp feature, you can leave a group chat and not be added again if you don't want to.
  • Catching up on group chats - as you know, you can silence group chats so you won't have to deal with pesky messages all day long. If you want to mention something important in the app that has to do with one particular person, all you have to do is tap @ and choose the name of the person you are referring to from the list that pops up. People in the chat can also mention you specifically, so you'll be able to view texts that are meant for you and not the entire group when someone is addressing you.
WhatsApp group
  • Adding a group description and rules - much like with social media groups, you can now add rules to group chats on WhatsApp. To add a description, do the following:
  • First of all, update or make sure you are using WhatsApp's latest version.
  • Open the app on your phone
  • Choose the group you want to add a description to
  • Go to the right-hand corner and tap "group info"
  • Tap on "description" (under the name of the group). Choose to add or change a group's description. That's it. Now you can add a description to the group with up to 512 characters.
WhatApp group description

3. Emphasizing words

If you want to emphasize certain words or phrases, you no longer have to type every single letter in bold. Instead, put an asterisk at the beginning and at the end of the word/sentence you want to emphasize (for instance, *you have to be kidding!*). The result will be a bold lettering. If you want to use italicize in your text, put an underscore at the beginning and at the end of the word/sentence you want to emphasize (for instance, _you have to be kidding!_).

4. Adding a Best Friend Shortcut

If you have people you choose with often, this feature is for you! If you can't go through the day without chatting with your best friend/s, why not add a shortcut to their chats? To make a short cut, enter WhatsApp and press on the name of the person you want to add a shortcut for until a menu pops up. Then tap "Add chat shortcut," and voila! You have a quicker way to talk to your BFF.

WhatsApp best friend shortcut

5. Using a Typewrite Font

If you want to classy-up your WhatsApp texts, you can use a feature that transforms texts to an old-school typewriter font. To use the typewriter font feature, enter the symbol " ` " three times on each side of the message, like this: ```this is an awesome font```. Then press send, and the recipient will get a classy take while you feel fancy. Make sure you use the right symbol and not " ' " when texting with the typewriter font.

WhatsApp typewriter font

6. In-App photo editing

If you want to send an edited photo to someone through WhatsApp, you don't have to use a special photo editing app. Instead, you can use the editing features available in the texting app to quickly and easily edit photos. To use the feature, enter WhatsApp and choose the person/group you want to share a photo with. Afterward, choose the photo you want to add.

WhatsApp tricks

Before the photo is sent, you can choose several editing features in WhatsApp to edit the photo:

  • To use filters, use "swipe up for filters."
WhatsApp photo filters
  • To write, doodle, add emojis or flip the photo, choose the editing options on the upper side of the photo editor tool. And that's it, send the edited photo to your contact/s, and use the editing tool whenever you need.
WhatsApp  photo editor

WhatsApp keeps improving the features available to users, and with handy WhatsApp tricks you've learned here, you'll be able to have fun with the popular app whenever you use it.


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