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Best Word Fonts to Use When Typing a Document

by Kelly B.

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Best Fonts to Use when Writing a Word Document

Most guidelines and manuals provide specific and explicit recommendations in terms of margins, spacings, and other formatting elements of a document. However, there are no clear instructions for the font all it really says is that the font should be readable and that the standard font should be a clear contrast from italic, and this should then be set to the standard size, usually around 12 points.

How do you choose which font is easily readable? Moreover, which creates a clear contrast?

Different documents entail different kinds of fonts.

When talking about academic papers, you may want to use the Serif Font with a font size that is between 10 to 12 points. Here is why it should be your font of choice.

Serifs are tiny strokes that you find at the end of the letters main stroke. They also have varying thicknesses of the strokes that make the letters stand out better. Newspapers, books, and magazines usually set their main text in Serif because it makes the paragraph and other long stretches of writing easy to read.


You also have to take into consideration how the document is going to be used, whether it will be printed or will you be submitting it electronically. If it is to be submitted electronically, you will need to ensure that the font you use is also present on the other computer as well.

Here are a few fonts that you can use for Microsoft Word

Century Schoolbook

This font has been used for school textbooks since 1923 thus it is a highly readable font. It is also one of the best fonts that you can find. It is also a mandatory font that has to be used for any legal document that is to be submitted to Court.

Palatino Linotype

This font was designed for headings, but it is also a perfect fit for body text as it has elegant proportions. This font has the beauty, grace, and harmony of beautiful handwriting.

Here are a few fonts that work well universally


If you are writing a document for a website, this could be a great fit. However, for print material, it may look a little bit clunky especially when it is set at the universal standard 12 points. This font is something like times new roman which is present on every computer, so it is a safe option to use.

Word Fonts

Times New Roman

IF you are not able to choose a font for your document and there is no standard font you need to use then this is the one for you. However, this is the one that most people recommend as it is solid, legible, and most importantly universally available on all computers. It is also used by a lot of newspapers as it can be efficiently readable even in minimal size. The only real drawback here is probably that this font has been really overworked.

You can also use a combination of fonts that can be very successful overall. Here are a few great combinations.

  • Use Times for the text, Arial for headings, captions, and labels along with Lucida typewriter being used for listings.
  • Palatino can be used for text and Helvetica for headings, captions, and labels.
  • Palatino text can also be used in combination with Tahoma heading. You can also use Lucida Console here for listings.
  • Another great combination here is Cambria Headings and Calibri text. This combination is also a standard that Microsoft word uses for most of its documents.

Whichever font you use the main aim of it should be that the reader is able to understand what is written there clearly.


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