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Beyoncé: The Life Story of Queen Bey

by Keren P.

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Everything You Need to Know about Beyoncé

When you think of a singer who has made it big the world over, with her exquisite voice, amazing talent, the booty and what have you, the name that springs to mind are Beyoncé. Born Beyoncé Giselle Knowles in 1981, she was raised in Houston, Texas. She participated in a variety of competitions as a little girl, and at the age of seven, she was belting songs in the church choir. Here are some facts about Beyoncé.

  • Her group Destiny’s Child rose to fame in the 1990s and made quite a splash with their song Bootylicious that became quite an oft-used word across the board. The breakup of Destiny’s Child was in the year 2006.
  • Beyoncé decided to go out on her with the Dangerously in Love album in the year 2003. That is when she met her husband, Jay-Z. The songs Crazy in Love and Baby Boy were the two hit singles, which earned her over five Grammy awards. That pretty much put her on the map of music royalty. In the year 2008, both Beyoncé and Jay-Z got married after years of dating.
  • Beyoncé has also made a foray in acting with starring roles in The Pink Panther, Dreamgirls, and Obsessed. The singer has attributed her success to her parents and the grounding that they gave both her and her sister Solange.
  • I Am.. Sasha Fierce in the year 2008 took her singing career to another level entirely. She has said often in various interviews that while she is on stage, she is pretty much Sasha and you can tell the difference.
  • As a person in interviews, and based on reports by people, she is not as rambunctious as she is on stage. Her dancing and music leave the crowds asking for more. When she is to perform anywhere, the tickets are sold out super fast. In 2010, she received six Grammy awards including Song of the Year for the song Single Ladies.
  • There were personal ups and downs in the news about her family life and the year 2010 she took over the management of her career. In the past, her father was managing her career.
  • Her album 4 has music that is not too loud and sexy. It is pretty low key with soul, pop, and funk-infused into the music. The cult of Beyoncé has so many fans the world over that it is no joke.
  • The collaborative effort with Jay-Z - Drunk in Love gave fans a glimpse as to their raunchy lifestyle and love for each other. It also put to rest the constant gossip that was doing the rounds about their lives being topsy-turvy.
  • With stories of her husband being unfaithful, and what have you, they did not let that get to them. In the year 2012 they welcomed their first little one Blue Ivy Carter, and today they have three kids.
Beyoncé Biography
  • Her album Lemonade made the headlines with people talking about this that and the other. Beyoncé keeps her personal life, just that personal.
  • She has ventured into other areas of business like clothing with her mother, perfume but her true love is music.
  • As a mother and wife, her family comes first. Jay-Z in one of his song Glory used his daughter’s cries at the end of the song.
  • Beyoncé performed for Gaddafi and received a large amount of money that went into the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. She was a voracious supporter for President Obama when he was in the running, she still is (a supporter).
  • As an artist, she is always ready to belt out what her fans love. Her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame came into being in the year 2006.

Today, she is a mother of three babies, though there is talk doing the rounds that another baby may be in the making.


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