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Binge Worthy Shows on Netflix for Self Quarantine

by Massiva A.

Binge Worthy Shows on Netflix, Shows to Binge on Netflix

The Best Netflix Shows for Self Quarantine

Everything is closed there outside, and we are forced to stay home, to shelter in our little fortresses. This comes with a lot of positive aftereffects! For example, getting news of an old friend (so important that you wanted to actually take the time), or even catch up and watch those movies and shows that all your buddies have advised you.

Being in self-quarantine, it's now the time to plunge yourself in the best Netflix shows, binge-worthy shows and fall in love with some of them! No need to head to your notes, read on, we'll tell you everything about the best Netflix shows to watch while you're in self-quarantine!

New & Trending Shows

On My Block - "In a rough inner-city Los Angeles neighborhood, four smart, funny and streetwise teens find their lifelong friendship tested as they start high school." The third season is now on, and On My Block, is already described as one of the best young-adult series. The dramedy is charming and will take you into the adventures of teenagers growing in a diverse neighborhood of Los Angeles, with a good dose of humor and emotional sensibility. Definitely a feel-good series!

On My Block Netflix

- Far from being another zombie show, Kingdom has this little twist that makes it a series not to be missed. The first South Korean Netflix series sends us back to Korea's Joseon period in the late 16th century and stands as a blend of supernatural horror and historical fiction. The decorations are incredibly beautiful, however, blood abounds. Sensible soul to withhold.

Kingdom Netflix

The Protector
- A Turkish international hit, the fantasy-drama series The Protector comes back with the third season and you'll love it if you appreciate supernatural thriller. The beginnings will seem familiar to you as the series begins when Istanbul is the victim of a terrible virus. Hakan, a young antique dealer, discovers that he is a descendant of an ancient line of superheroes and has to stop the cause of the disaster: "the Vizier", an immortal adversary.

The Protector Netflix

Ugly Delicious - Embark on a delicious adventure with the Chef David Chang. The long-awaited season is here! David Chang takes us on a delightful food journey, from Istanbul to Mumbai, exploring the cultural and social significance of food. This season gets a bit personal, as Chef David Chang experiences parenthood and interacts with children during an episode dedicated to school food. Self-quarantine may also inspire us with many good new recipes!

Ugly Delicious Netflix

Funny shows

Derry Girls - A coming-of-age story with a band of Irish teenagers evolving during the backend of the decades-long conflict between Irish nationalists and UK loyalists known as The Troubles sends us back to the nineties. The series is super funny, ridiculous, lively, finally, a great teen drama that will teach you the complete jargon of Northern Irish slang and which also promises some giggles!

Derry Girls

I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson - How to describe this series absolutely bizarre and incredibly funny? No doubt, you haven't watched anything like this before, we let you discover what is hidden behind this crazy series. A disconcerting and silly sketch series not to be missed!
I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson Netflix

Catch Yourself!

Russian Dolls - Addiction, paranoia, repetition, the comedy-drama series Russian Dolls is much more than just entertaining. Natasha Lyonne, co-creator and head actor of the series, keeps dying and coming back to life. A thousand resurrections and dark humor, this fantastic series has been described as the best 2019 series by the Time.

Russian Dolls Netflix

I Lost My Body - "Romance, mystery, and adventure intertwine as a young man falls in love and a severed hand scours Paris for its owner in this mesmerizing animated film." Imaginative, this animated series is pleasant to watch and visually stunning, promising a great time!

I Lost My Body Netflix

For The Whole Family

The Good Place - We love this feel-good TV show that will keep you in a positive vibe during this self-quarantine period. What does it mean to be a good person? The series raises questions, but also to really spend a good time, receive a big hug and a good mood boost! 

The Good Place

Thrilling shows

Breaking Bad - Described as "the best show ever", Breaking Bad is the story of a good man doing bad things, for a good purpose... "A high school chemistry teacher dying of cancer teams with a former student to secure his family's future by manufacturing and selling crystal meth." This promises to tickle your sense of judgment and opinion but above all to make you spend plenty of good moments and experience various emotions.

Breaking Bad Netflix
Good Time - Robert Pattinson's crime drama definitely distinguishes itself! A small-time criminal struggles to help his mentally handicapped brother to be released from prison but instead making things worse. Much more than just a thrill, this series will make an impression!

Black Mirror - A real blend of techno-paranoia parables, this series invites to a real reflection on the meaning of life and where technology and lack of consciousness could lead us. Each episode will leave you perplexed, will open up new reasoning, and invite you to wonder about the limits humanity should set. A real journey into the imagination.

Black Mirror Netflix

Throwback shows

That 70's Show - That 70's Show always puts you in a good mood! Perfect for this confinement period. We go back (in thoughts) to the 70s and laugh at the nonsense of Fez and Éric while being the happy observer of the band's adventures. A heart-warmer!

That 70's Show

The Spy Netflix
The Spy - This drama series tells the astonishing and true story of Eli Cohen, the most prominent spy of Israel, who infiltrated the Syrian government in the sixties. Sacha Baron Cohen plays Elie Cohen with brio and each episode leaves us thirsty for the next one. Intelligent, visually attractive and perfectly laid out, it is a big hit, it keeps you glued and is our current crush. Bravo!


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