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Brad Pitt: The Story of the Hollywood Hunk

by Eddie V.

Brad Pitt, Brad Pitt Biography

Everything you need to know about Brad Pitt

William Bradley Pitt, commonly known as Brad Pitt, is an actor and film producer based in America. He was born on December 18, 1963, in Oklahoma, US. He was born to William Alvin Pitt, a truck company proprietor, and Jane Etta, a school counselor. He is the eldest among three children of this family.

Education & Career

He completed his high school from Kickapoo High School. There, he was part of golf, tennis and swimming team. He also participated in various club activities, school debates, and musical programs. After high school, in 1982 Brad got himself registered in University of Missouri, with specialization in journalism with a concentration on advertising. After completing graduation, Pitt did not want to settle. Being fond of films, he wanted to explore the world of films, for which he wanted to go to the place where they are made.

He was so passionate about this that he left course when two weeks were remaining and moved to Los Angeles, took admission in acting course.

Brad Pitt

Interests & Work life

At Los Angeles, Pitt learned various things from different people. In 1987, Pitt managed to begin his acting career. Hereafter, he appeared in many films and television shows. His first film in lead role is The Dark Side of the Sun came in the year 1988.

Pitt also has interest in Political and Humanitarian causes. Pitt has participated in various campaigns and project in this field and made a good contribution. Some of his works include: came up to encourage students to vote in US Presidential election of 2004, he is the supporter of John Kerry; he came forward to support campaign working in direction AIDS eradication, supported publicly for funding embryonic stem cell research.


Also, architecture is a subject of poignant interest to him; he took a break from the film world and learned computer-aided design course under well-known architect at Los Angeles. Then he worked in the world of the architect. He co-authored a book on architecture, narrated T.V. series to having limelight on building environment-friendly building structures. In the Year 2006, he founded the Make It Right Foundation, with the aim to build 150 sustainable and affordable houses in New Orleans.

Pitt, along with Jolie, founded the charitable organization Jolie-Pitt Foundation, to support humanitarian causes across the globe.

Brad Pitt Biography

Brad Pitt's Personal Life

Brad engaged in multiple relationships with co-stars many times. He married Jennifer Aniston, whom he met in the year 1998, in a private wedding ceremony in 2000. However, they got separated in 2005.

Again, in the year 2014, Pitt got married to Angelina Jolie, after dating for several years. However, this time also, the marriage did not last long and Jolie, in 2016, filed divorce.

Brad Pitt is a handsome celebrity with good looks. He is a versatile person.

Brad Pitt Awards

During his journey, he has received many awards and recognition. To name a few:

  • Listed in top 100 Celebrities by Forbes many times
  • Listed in Time 100 – A list of 100 most influential people by Time; multiple times.
  • Won Oscar Award
  • Selected as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history by Empire magazine
  • He is the winner of Golden Globe Award.
  • He got a place in fifth Academy Award nomination, for his work as a producer in the best picture category.

Brad Pitt in news

Brad is the owner of a charming face and a celebrity; he is cited by media actively.

Brad Pitt is in the news; there is buzz over his current relationship status. With battle prevailing with his ex-wife over custody of children, he is in the spotlight owing to his relationship. In the last week, there were rumors spread about the relation of Brad Pitt with Charlize Theron, a fitness addict; later confirmed by Brad's ex-bodyguard. The ex-bodyguard, while speaking to The Sun revealing, informed that Brad and Charlize are dating from last four months.

However, there is no official confirmation on this. Let’s wait to hear from the couple!

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