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Brett Kavanaugh

by Toni S.

Brett Kavanaugh, Brett Kavanaugh Biography

Everything You Need to Know about Brett Kavanaugh

Born on February 12, 1965, Brett Michael Kavanaugh serves as the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. He was deemed to be one of the '25 highly qualified potential nominees' by the Trump Administration during his nominations for the Supreme Court seat. His impeccable credentials and unsurpassable competence emphasized to be one of the reasons the Trump Administrations regarded him. 

Brett Kavanaugh's Career

Graduated from Yale University, Kavanaugh embarked on his career as a law clerk followed by a fellowship. He served and assisted various investigations to post his appointment as the head of the Office of Independent Counsel. Appointed as a White House Staff Secretary in the Presidency of George W. Bush, Kavanaugh came on to become one of the leading and principal authority on identifying and confirming judicial nominees. A Washington Post Analysis revealed that Kavanaugh could boast to hold the most conservative voting record on the D. C court in every policy area from the period 2003 to 2018.

Brett Kavanaugh and Supreme Court Nominations

On 9th July 2018, President Donald Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh for the Associate Justice of Supreme Court of the United States. Till then Kavanaugh served as a judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit for 12 years. The nominations for the said seat came right after the vacancy left by the predecessor Anthony McLeod Kennedy.

Brett Kavanaugh
Towards the confirmation process, the sexual allegations against Kavanaugh made their appearances. The Judiciary Committee interrogated the victim Christine Blasey Ford and Kavanaugh himself. Kavanaugh disregarded and denied these allegations on 27th September 2018. Week-Long FBI investigations were demanded to be carried out on the circumstances of these allegations. Following the results of these investigations, on 6th October 2018,  Brett Kavanaugh was appointed as the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Brett Kavanaugh and the Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Shortly after the nominations for the Supreme Court were filed, Christine Ford filed sexual allegations against Brett Kavanaugh alleging that Kavanaugh has sexually assaulted her in high school. These claimed incidents that occurred three decades earlier in 1982 were brought into light in 2018, right after the nominees for Supreme Court were filed.  Later an additional accusation claim was revealed when Deborah Ramirez alleged to have been assaulted by Kavanaugh.

Though Kavanaugh refused these allegations, they did manage to jeopardize his nomination to a certain degree. On top of that, the Democrats went one step further to demolish this political conundrum by quoting, "Don't Get Your Hopes Upon Brett Kavanaugh." Trump administration persistently backed Kavanaugh defending and dismissing any claims to these sexual misconducts. Kavanaugh went ahead to defend his integrity and denied any involvement in these claimed allegations of sexual abuse.

Brett Kavanaugh Biography

Brett Kavanaugh and Roe v Wade

The first footage from the controversial film Roe v Wade which was recently released online created quite an uproar. This controversial anti-abortion film which overlooks and documents the conservative efforts carried on to overturn the landmark 1973 United States Supreme Court ruling to deem abortion as a fundamental right under the US constitution attributed news about the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the supreme court with a dialogue line, "It will flip the decision."

Brett Kavanaugh Wife and His Personal Life

Brett Kavanaugh married to Ashley Estes in 2004. Ashley Estes was then the personal secretary to President George W. Bush. The couple has two daughters, Liza Kavanaugh, and Margaret Kavanaugh. Brett Kavanaugh lives with his family in Chevy Chase Section Five in Maryland.

In the course of his career, Kavanaugh became one of the highly influential and intellectual leaders of his generation of judges, especially on the lower courts. He possesses an uncanny ability to pinpoint fundamental threats of any degree to the US Constitution. Although the soaring path to the most important seat to the Supreme Court was interrupted due to the sexual allegation conspired, yet Kavanaugh's nomination wasn't doomed to crash and burn. Successfully Brett Kavanaugh shaped his legacy to soar high to land on one of the dominant and authoritative positions in the United States.


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