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18 Bullying Facts You Need to Know

by Rachel M.

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18 Facts About Bullying

Bullying has been described by many as an aggressive and undesirable behavior among adults or predominantly among school-aged kids, which involves a perceived or real imbalance of power. Such a behavior has the possibility to be repeated or is repeated over time. People who bully others and are bullied by others can suffer from severe and lasting problems.

Thee behavior meted out to the other person has to be highly aggressive to be regarded as bullying and constitute of two common traits:

  • Repetition: A bullying act or behavior can happen on multiple occasions or has the possibility to occur several times.
  • There is an element of power imbalance involved: People who bully typically use their power like physical strength, popularity, or access to mortifying information to harm or control others. There can be a change in power imbalances in diverse situations and over time although they are about the same people. 

Bullying also refers to action like spreading rumors, making threats, excluding a person from being in a group, or attacking someone verbally or physically.


Here are some of the key facts related to bullying after a survey was conducted:

  1. Out of the people surveyed, about 20% mentioned that they frequently suffered from verbal bullying.
  2. Over 50% of the people below 25-year-old have been bullied at some point or the other.
  3. It is unfortunate but true that people suffering from any kind of physical disability have a higher chance of being bullied as compared to people who are not suffering from a physical disability.
  4. It is strange that people who have been the victim of being bullied often bully others.
  5. Social exclusion is also regarded as a type of bullying. It signifies that when a person’s mates leave them purposefully to injure their emotions, these people are bullying the person indirectly.
  6. About 5% of the respondents shared that they have experienced physical bullying constantly.
  7. Around 25% of the victims of bullying have had thoughts pertaining to committing suicide.
  8. Over one-third of the bullied victims can succumb to certain conditions such as Depression and Social Anxiety.
  9. 58% out of all the people bullied on a daily basis had the bear the grief the death of their relatives.
  10. Men have a higher likelihood of bullying someone else.

    Cyber Bullying
  11. The top reason why people are sufferers of bullying is that they have an attitude towards their appearance, coming to the 2ndand 3rdplace, and attitudes towards interests and hobbies.
  12. You need to remember that bullying is a learned behavior and definitely not an identity.
  13. The bullying victim should never be under the impression that they are to be blamed for such an act.
  14. Approximately 69% of the respondents revealed that they have abused someone else online.
  15. As many as 17% of people have gone through cyberbullying.
  16. It is also interesting to note that people from the LGBT communities have a greater chance of being bullied.
  17. About 35%of the respondents in the Annual Bullying Survey of 2017 had made a screenshot of the status of someone else, forwarded it in a group, and made fun of it.
  18. About 2/3rdof the respondents agreed that adequate actions are not being taken by the social networks to tackle cyberbullying.

Bullying is an extremely common act in schools that occur after or during school hours. Although a majority of bullying reports indicate that such acts take place inside the school buildings, a sizeable chunk of them also occur on the bus or the playground. Bullying can happen on the Internet, in the neighborhood, or while commuting to or from a school.


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