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Business Card Template Sites You Have to Know!

by Rick S.

Business Card Template, Free Business Card Template

Best Websites to create a Business Card Template

For every business, a basic stationery item needed is the business card. The card contains the company name and logo with contact details and the name of the business representative and his designation. Whenever people meet in a business context, the first thing they do is exchange business cards. A business card is thus the first thing a business must have even before it starts operations.

Similarly, when an employee joins a company, the first thing to be done is give him or her a business card so that he/she can use it to effectively represent the company. Many years back, one had to go to a printer to get the business cards printed, and it would take some time to get it done. But today, thanks to the growth of digital technology and the internet, you can get your business card online sitting in the comfort of your home or office.

All you have to do is open a website, design a business card or make use of existing templates on the website to create a business card. Place the order and pay for it using any of the various methods available and you are done. The cards will be printed, packed and delivered to your place. Making a business card has never been so easier.

Here are a few of the top websites, where you can easily get your business card using ready templates:

1) Shopify


Shopify allows you to create business cards most easily. All you have to do is enter your details, upload an image containing the logo and click on create a business card. Voila! The card is ready, easy and effective. Shopify has attractive pricing options, where you can avail of multiple business-related services on an economic basis.

2) Vistaprint


Vistaprint is one of the leaders when it comes to printing business cards. You can even get free cards without having to pay anything, but Vistaprint logo would be printed on the reverse of the cards. It offers a user-friendly way of designing business cards. There are multiple design options, different cards types and finish. This is one of the best websites to create business cards.

3) Canva


Canva offers professional designs that you can use to make business cards. There are thousands of templates on the website that have been designed by design experts. You just have to enter your information, choose the layout, add the image and you can even edit the image and add effects. Canva does high-quality printing and offers attractive pricing plans.


4) PSPrint


The site is well-known for having some designs for business cards. You can use any of the existing designs or create your design easily and effectively. Business sector categories are already available, for instance, if yours is a retail business, there are ready-made templates for retail business cards that you can use. The site has good offers available for customers.

5) Jukebox


Jukebox is a website allowing you to create business card templates within minutes. You can add your logo and personalize the card the way you would like it to look like. There are 1 million stock pictures available, which you can use or add your own. The cards are available in different sizes to suit your requirements. There are different types of card types, designs, and colors available for you to try out.

6) GotPrint


GotPrint is well-known for cheap and affordable business cards. But it offers all the features including ready-made templates, different card types, and colors. It has an Advanced Designer option for those who want to create personalized designs.

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