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Cheater: How to Bust a Cheater?

by Maria S.

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Busting a Cheater - Everything You Need to Know!

Finding out that your romantic partner is hiding things from you is never easy, and it can be devastating to discover what they are hiding. When the "thing" romantic partners hide is an affair, the discovery is even harder, and it brings up some not so easy questions; should we break up? How long has this been going on? What should I do? Answering such questions takes some intense soul searching, and there is no one answer on what to do when you catch a cheater. The first step in moving on from cheating is finding out for a fact that your partner has been unfaithful, so here is what you need to know about how to bust a cheater.

Cheater Behavior – the Signs You Need to Know

There are few tell-tale signs that cheaters repeat, and if you notice any of these, it could be a cheating red flag:

Your partner is concerned about their appearance – a sudden interest in looks could mean that your partner wants to look their best, and not necessarily for you. If your partner starts going to the gym, stares at the mirror, changes wardrobe, and begins to focus on their appearance a bit too much, it could mean they are less than faithful.

New sexy moves – many couples that are together for a while have their groove when it comes to the bedroom. Trying out new things is always a good idea, but it usually comes after couples talk to one another about new adventures they would like to try. If you haven't talked to your partner about spicing things up, and you begin to notice new moves, new ideas, and a change in your sex life, ask yourself where it came from.


Picking fights for no reason – many people who cheat become pretty short-tempered at their partners, and usually for no apparent reason. Cheaters will pick fights with their romantic partners to create an emotional distance between them, which is a big sign of cheating, in most cases.
Friends acting weird – cheating partners are not the only ones who act strangely when they are unfaithful; their friends also start acting weird. Many people confide in their friends when they are unfaithful, and the friends usually act uncomfortable around the person getting cheated on, which is something worth noticing.

Reasons People Cheat

Each person is different, and each cheater has its reasons for cheating. There are however certain things that cheaters have in common, and some of the most prevalent reasons for cheating are:

Dissatisfaction – when certain people feel unfulfilled in their relationship, they begin to search for someone who can fill the void. Getting frustrated in a relationship from a sexual aspect, an intimacy aspect, a personal aspect, etc., causes many people to cheat and is one of the most common reasons for cheating.

Bust a Cheater

Personality traits – there are people who are more likely to cheat than others due to their personality or biology. Some people are just not cut out for monogamy, which drives them to cheat on their partners to get what they need.

– people who get into tricky situations are more likely to cheat than in everyday situations. Having an active social life, going to parties, having attractive co-workers, being away from partners for long periods, and other situations could lead certain people to cheat.
How to Bust a Cheater?

Catching a cheater can be very tricky, especially if they are making an effort to cover their tracks. However, you can outsmart a smart cheater and bust them by following these tips:

Change your plans at the last minute – not having the partner around makes cheaters let their guard down, and these are the moments where you can catch a cheater in the act. To do so, tell your partner you will not be home late, or that you will be out of town for a couple of days and then cancel your "plans" at the last minute. Surprise your partner at the time where they think you are away, which can increase the odds of catching them in the act.

Surprise them – if your partner claims to have plans or is unable to meet you for some reason, act cool and do not reveal you think they are up to no good. Instead, surprise them at their place, or locations where they like to hang out and find out what is going on.

Track Cheater Phone

Check their phone – cryptic phone numbers, initials, phone numbers with no names, etc., are all well-known tricks used by cheaters. When you get the chance, sneak a peek at your partner's phone to read texts, emails, and write down phone numbers that could belong to the person they are cheating with.

Check their bills and records
 if you cannot get access to their cell phone, you can also bust a cheater red-handed by looking at their bills and records. If an unknown number appears a little too often, especially long calls at late hours or repeated texts throughout the day, you may need to ask some questions.

Search dating sites – if your romantic partner turns out to be a compulsive cheater, they might have a profile on popular dating apps and websites. They might also resort to aliases to cover their tracks so use geolocation filters to narrow down the possibilities and catch the cheater more easily.

Use a tracking app – if all else has failed but your gut is adamant that something is going on behind your back, download an app that lets you track your partner's whereabouts and provides you with direct access to their phone without them knowing. There are a variety of apps specifically designed to bust a cheater that can help you get clarity over your partner's actions before confronting them.

How to Perform a Reverse Phone Lookup to Bust a Cheater

If you managed to retrieve phone numbers from your partner's phone that seem suspicious, you can find out exactly who they belong to by using a reverse phone number lookup.

How does it work? Easily. Once you have phone numbers you have questions about, enter them into GoLookUp's reverse phone directory, and your job is done. The quick search engine on the website will scan millions of public records about the person in question, and provide you with a report about them. The report will include their full name, address, contact information, social media data, criminal records, and even mugshots.

The data available on the website is provided within minutes, so you can find out who your partner is communicating with, and if there is any reason for concern.

Picking up the pieces after cheating is never easy, but first of all, you need to find out if your partner really is cheating on you. By performing a reverse phone lookup, you will be able to discover if your partner is unfaithful and if it is time to move on or try to fix the relationship.


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