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GoLookUp collects and aggregates busted mugshots from inmates in real-time. Our system updates on a daily basis and populates the latest mugshot records from the county sheriff's office and states in the United States of America. We do not release the actual photo on our public websites due to safety and security precautions. You can sort by date descending. In order to view real mugshots or view profile details from the information center, you must abide by FCRA rules when you sign up to either GoLookUp service or one of our partner sites. These rules follow court of law best practices. Any arrest records or mugshots we publish are NOT proof or indication of guilt and do not represent evidence of crime or crimes committed. Though these reports can show the highest incarceration rate, national average information, and fingerprints, they won't provide information about a possible sentence and may not have specifics of the actual crime. Whether someone was just busted by the Scioto County Sheriff's Dept or a joint investigation in a different precinct, these searches can show recorded criminal activity.

Busted Mugshots
Latest Busted Mugshots Online
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Latest Busted Mugshots Online

What is the Purpose of a Mugshot?

The easy way to explain a mugshot is simply by referring to it as an official image or photograph that is taken of an individual when he or she has been arrested and processed by the police or other law enforcement agency during administrative office hours. A mugshot serves as a clear photo record in order to identify the person. In most cases, new busted mugshots are public records unless otherwise stated or labeled by the authorities. Whether in a TX court of law or Providence, RI, individuals can't use masks during just-busted booking so this photo record is a long-lasting addition to a record. Just busted mugshots have three sides: Front photographic view, left side of the suspect, and right side of the suspect. You can get more information about current inmates and arrest history information. These tools can help you review the inmate roster and see public access information about criminal activity that a Google search might not reveal. With a busted mugshot search, you can learn how to contact the right local authorities in the county of your arrest to learn about the expungement process for a given offense such as criminal mischief. You can also use mugshot database information to leave crime tip details on a crime tip hotline. By leaving a crime tip, you can help police precincts stop actual crime and improve arrest data.

How Do the Police Process, Collect, and Use Mugshots?

When people get arrested, they must go through a booking process during which the police collect personal information about arrestees and document the details of the crime. During the booking process, the police take mugshots (photos of the arrestee), whether he/she is innocent or not. This is an important step of booking and it's also helpful in a court of law when establishing a possible sentence. However, mugshots aren't an indication of guilt.

What is a Mugshot?

A mugshot is a photo of a person who has been arrested that the police take when processing the crime. The photo of the arrestee contains the booking number of the arrestee, their first name, last name, and a plain background.

What Are Mugshots Used For?

Mugshots have several purposes during and after the booking process: firstly, mugshots are needed so that police and officials in the jail will be able to identify prisoners positively. Secondly, mugshots are used in legal proceedings: lawyers, police, and witnesses are shown mugshots to identify defendants. Whether it's for a theft prop or to help with a possible sentence, mugshots are useful tools.

Sometimes, mugshots are distributed to the general public; for instance, if a detainee escapes jail or commits further crimes, authorities will distribute his/her mugshots so that the public is able to help apprehend the person who escaped. Whether they're Pawtucket tabloid images or Shelby County or Scioto County mugshots, it's important for the general public to have justbusted details in the event of an actual crime.

In the past, mugshots were taken with analog cameras, printed, and kept with arrest records. However, technology has allowed maintaining computerized databases of mugshots along with physical files. So, nowadays, the police collect mugshots with digital cameras, and it keeps them in computer files that can be shared with other authorities.

In the past few years, mugshots have also become available to the public thanks to online arrest records and online criminal records. Individuals who desire to find out if someone has a criminal record can tap into online public files that contain, among other details, mugshots and arrest records' information. Recently, police departments also use live streaming for inmates and convicts and you can see top stories and TV report information about new arrests in your local county.

Mugshots are not always available; if a criminal record has been sealed or expunged, it will not be available to the public. Also, juvenile records' mugshots are not available in online or offline police records. Sealing a record is a process that anyone with mugshots busted may want to consider. Sometimes, you may not be able to view information on school plans, search warrants, property crime rate details, and civil process information. Data accessibility may vary by jurisdiction.

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