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Buy Me a Pie!. App Review!

by Eric C.

Buy Me a Pie, Buy Me a Pie Review

What is BuyMeaPie!?

When it comes to grocery shopping, the most common technique people use to remember what to buy from the supermarket is to write down a list. While it is a great way to ensure you don’t miss out on things, there is a chance you will lose the piece of paper.

What are you going to do in this situation – will you try to recollect what you should purchase from the supermarket? Are you going to continue to pick up items, go back home, and figure out what you missed?

Imagine another situation where you are in the supermarket, and your roommate sends you a message, asking you to purchase another item. While you are looking for this product, you get another message, requesting you to buy one more ingredient.

Buy Me a Pie

Being in these situations is a massive waste of time and energy, while also being inconvenient. On top of that, when you are trying to make sure you don't overspend, the whole process seems stressful. Thankfully, technology comes with a myriad of advantages, overcoming these types of problems.

One way to ensure you can take the grocery shopping list everywhere you go is to use an app on your smartphone.

How Buy Me a Pie! Works?

Enter Buy Me a Pie!, an application designed to make your life easy, the next time you go grocery shopping. It aims to solve all the problems that arise when you go to purchase products from the supermarket.

Buy Me a Pie! Review

While there are several applications available for smartphones, Buy Me a Pie! is one of the most popular ones. It is available on both Android and iOS devices, including Apple Watch. At first glance, the app seems quite simple, but as you use it, you begin to realize that it only has features which you will use extensively.

Buy Me a Pie Review

Following the user interface design trend of flat and light design, the app adopts this style. The application is compatible with all versions of Android and iOS so you won't face any trouble installing it on your device. The user interface is easy to use, as navigation is possible via swipes. For example, to pull up the menu, you need to use the right swipe from the start of the screen.

Moving on to the main feature is the ability to create a grocery shopping list. Here, you will find all the things you need to buy from the supermarket. It is extremely simple to add items to your list.

When you start adding products, you have the option of entering its name. If it is a common item, you will see a suggestion in the application. At the same time, you can select the color, which makes it easy to identify similar products you need to purchase.

A simple tap on the screen will remove the item to the bottom half of the screen, signifying you bought it. Similar action will return it to the list of things you need to buy. A great feature of the app is that you can select from a myriad of common items. You can even take a look at the products by their color.

Grocery App

The best feature is the ability to add other users to the list, by sending them an invitation via email. You can also use the share function, which allows you to send it to other people via popular messaging applications.

It also comes with a pro version, where you get access to a greater number of lists and colors. Also, it removes the limitation of how many users you can add to your grocery shopping list.

If you want an application which will ensure that you don’t miss out on things when going grocery shopping, Buy Me a Pie! is the answer!


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