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Can You Get Insurance After a Car Accident?

by Kourtney C.

Can You Get Insurance After a Car Accident, Car Accident Insurance

Can I Get insurance After an Accident?

Backdated liability insurance gives insurance coverage for a claim that happened before the policy was purchased. Though this is uncommon and complicated because there is the challenge of evaluating it correctly. Mostly the company wants to make better profits and there is not much the policyholder can do. Backdating liability insurance should not be mistaken with “backdating”. Backdating an insurance document or any other document is illegal. Backdated liability insurance offers less coverage that may not help cover the accident claims sufficiently. Backdated liability insurance is rarely available. It is not popular either from the insurance companies or buyers. The premium charged will be very high to cover costs for all bills.

Driving Without Insurance is Illegal

If you get into an accident without insurance, you will have to pay all the bills and face legal consequences because people will sue you for the damages caused. You could also be put behind bars if you get into an at-fault accident. You are under less trouble if you are not-at-fault. As the at-fault driver/owner will be liable to pay for all the damages and injury. But the state law limits how much you can claim from it if you are uninsured.

Can You Get Insurance After a Car Accident

The insurance policy will be applicable from the day after it is purchased and not for accidents that happen before its purchase. If you are uninsured then you have limited scope for legal help or claims. Every state has a different set of rules. If a state has “no pay, no play” laws, then you cannot claim for damages that cannot be quantified such as emotional agony, physical pain, or suffering. Uninsured drivers also have to pay a big amount as deductible before they can sue for damages.

There are states like New Hampshire and Alaska where car insurances are not always obligatory. New Hampshire does not require drivers with good records to purchase car insurance. They only need to prove their financial responsibility in case of accidents. People in Alaska are exempted from car insurance in places where their car registration is optional.

Even without causing accidents, if you are caught driving without insurance or any proof of financial responsibility you can be penalized. The punishments differ from state to state. For a first-time offender, Minnesota may charge up to $1000 or up to 90 days in jail or cancellation of registration and license. While in Texas, they may charge up to $175. So you can check out the state-wise list of penalties for driving without insurance.

Car Accident Insurance

You should always carry proof of your insurance. The policy ID card should be in your car at all times. Some states though permit you to show it on your phone. If you are an accident without carrying proof of insurance, it is better than having no insurance. In case you are sued, you can submit your insurance proof at court and get it dismissed.

The insurance rates will increase if you have a history of being penalized for driving uninsured or causing accidents without having insurance. Insurance rates for uninsured drivers were found significantly higher than those with insurance in many states.

Accidents are stressful but imagine dealing with hospital bills and repairs for damages and properties. The bills only continue to increase. Having insurance gives you a little fallback. It can help you in these stressful times. The documentation details can be handled by the insurance companies, the police will collect the accident details for ticketing purpose, you can appoint an insurance attorney to look into all these matters.

You can focus on recuperating and getting well when everything else will be managed by someone else.

It is, therefore, necessary to have insurance coverage as early as possible.


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