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Cancer: How to Dress According to Your Sign

by Rhon A.

Star Sign Fashion, Cancer Star Sign Fashion
Star Sign Fashion: Cancer

All the zodiac signs have their own characteristics, which decided the personality of a person. Among them, cancer is a zodiac sign known for deep emotion and unmatched sensitivity. They easily mingle with people and places and form a close bond. This is because cancer people can adapt to their surroundings like water adjusting to the bowl it is poured in. They might take a tougher stance from outside in arguments, debates, and fights, but inside they always remain soft like a baby.

They also love to flaunt their achievements and possessions whenever the occasion permits but they do it in a good manner not to make others jealous. They are known for their romantic side since their ruling symbol is the moon. They love luxury and comfort. Their lucky color is silver and the preferred stone is pearl.

Star Sign Fashion

When it comes to dressing, Cancerians look for brands and well-known labels leaning more towards classic styles rather than the trending dresses in the market. The comfort factor always dominates while selecting a dress without compromising on the variety. You would always see Cancerians appearing to be flowing or gliding in their dress in a party or a gathering.

They would never appear giving much importance to their dress because they know what they are wearing. If you are a Cancerian then you should learn a few things about dressing according to your sign so that the characteristics come out gracefully and appear attractive to others.

Layer Dressing

As mentioned earlier, Cancerians prefer comfort so adding layers to your dress would not only make your dress colorful but also give you comfort no matter what the season or occasion is. Providing some space for a sweater or cardigan in your bag would keep you warm in places with the air-conditioned atmosphere. It also adds vibrancy and a tinge of mystery. Dresses like Jackets, sweaters, t-shirts, tops and long sleeves give the main dress more layers.

The Soft Feeling

The real character of a cancer person is being soft and well natured even though she might exhibit a tougher posture outside. So wearing soft fabrics like linen, silk, and wool would bring out the character of the Cancerians. Investing in soft dresses that are made by these fabrics would give you an identity making you noticeable in a party or crowd.

Cancer Star Sign Fashion

Go for Vintage

Cancerians are like an old vine in a new bottle. They follow the trend going around in the world but blend it with vintage style. For instance, matching jeans and top with a vanity bag having classic embroidery. Combining partywear with homemade shawl or veil. You can also wear retro-styled earrings that compliment your dress and enhance your style statement.

Dash of Romance

When you belong to cancer, you can’t be far away from giving the vibes of romance to your partner or the potential suitor. There is no better way than flaunting your romantic side through your dress. Floral prints, floating fabrics, and laces are the go-to designs to show your romantic angle to your partner. Dresses with sharp and sensuous cuts at different parts of the body not only show that you are romantic but also bring romance out of the opposite sex.

The Mood Swing

Mood swings are pretty common in any zodiac signs. Some tend to stretch it longer and some vanish within minutes. Cancerians are also not devoid of mood swings but they are mild most of the time. Dressing according to your mood tries to tell that you wear your mood on the sleeve. It also helps your closed one to understand you better and leave you alone or help you if you going through a rough patch.


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