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Zodiac Signs - Cancer - What Does Your Sign Mean

by Jessica V.

Cancer Zodiac, Cancer Zodiac Sign, Zodiac Cancer

Zodiac Signs - Cancer - What Does Your Sign Mean

A sign which is close to home in the literal sense is Cancer. The fourth zodiac sign is synonymous with people who have strong roots in family life and home. No other sign in the zodiac chart is linked to people who are domestic, maternal, and relish the feeling of homely comforts. Cancers believe in the motto of ‘more the merrier.' You will find traditions being upheld in a Cancer household. They readily make plans for communal activities and are their best hosting dinner parties. If they are homely, that doesn't make them docile. A Cancer's memory is impeccable and they are rarely unforgiving. They get emotional at the drop of a hat and unapologetically wear their heart on their sleeves.

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Element, Symbol, Planet, and Quality

Associated with the water, a Cancer is easy-going and rolls along with the waves. When the person born under this star sign makes a splash, prepare yourself to get drenched. As much as they are affectionate towards others, you will never get away with hurting them. They will cry you a river as long as you don’t wrong them.

The symbol of Cancer is a crab. Covered with a tough outer shell, Cancers are the most genuine and humble people you will meet minus the shell. They retreat into their protective tough outer layer at the smallest hint of sensing danger. They are crabby thanks to their extreme moods: jovial in one moment and quiet the next. Cancer doesn’t label their shell as being negative; it is their second home and they’d rather stay in their shell than be forced out. Constantly existing in a state of protectiveness, Cancer finds it uncomfortable to express their vulnerability and true emotions. All you can do is give them time to break out of their shell and open up.

Ruled by the greatest mother of heavens, the Moon, Cancer is defined by maternal instincts. The Crab may smother you with maternal instincts at times, but that is just the way they are. The Moon is the symbol of fertility and Cancer will have your back when you feel desolate. A negative trait of people born under this sign is moodiness.

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Cancer Man

You have the attention of a Cancer man when you make an initiative, but not too obvious in the first move. He will retreat into his shell and not respond when you come off too strong. A complex being, a Cancer man, is shy, sensitive and protective towards the people he loves the most. When he is on the look-out for women, he seeks an ideal wife and mother. Don’t waste your time looking for a non-committed relationship with a Cancer man. These men are the protectors and providers for the family.

Cancer Woman

Being complicated by nature is an understatement when it comes to defining a Cancer woman’s personality. They are homely beings who are extremely conservative. Hard to woo, Cancer women don’t readily fall in love. At the same time, they are emotional and vulnerable. If she does fall in love with you, she is loyal and passionate. Treat her like a lady and you stand a chance of winning her heart. Not much of a person looking for a causal encounter, Cancer women have no tolerance for one-night stands. On the flip side, when she is secure, there is no woman who can be as open as a Cancer. She will bare her soul when you win her trust: now, that is a love worth experiencing.

Cancer men and women, for their easy-going nature, never forgo a grudge. Don’t rub them the wrong way.

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