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Cape Coral Police Departments: Information, Websites, Contact Information and More

by Lorena Z.

Cape Coral Police Departments, City of Cape Coral Police Department

Cape Coral Police Department Information

The Cape Coral Police Department is situated in the city of Cape Coral, Florida. The city of Cape Coral police department has over 185,000 residents, divided over three districts and 5 patrol zones. The police department has over 250 sworn police officers, in addition to 93 civilian and volunteer staff. The department is divided into a variety of units, for example, patrol, traffic, investigations, aviation, K9, and marine, all meticulously prepared to serve the varies needs of the city of Cape Coral. The police department has an extremely active volunteer unit, who help in a variety of cases including accidents, traffic, and help the officers prepare special events. The volunteer unit also helps in patrolling, and checks for illegal parking jobs. In addition, a section of volunteers also helps in the lobby of the police station, including the reception area and the fingerprint services area.

Cape Coral Police Departments
Public Programs

The Cape Coral Police Department has a variety of programs for the public, especially directed for people who are interested in learning more about the way the police work or want to become volunteers with the Cape Coral Police. The public programs of the Cape Coral Police Department include the following:

  • Citizen’s Police Academy: The Police Academy is the perfect way for any citizen of Cape Coral to learn about their Police Department, and understand what it takes to protect an entire city.
  • Do the Right Thing: These are awards which are especially geared towards children, who have done some actions termed as heroic and worthy of recognition.
  • Neighborhood Watch: The Neighborhood Watch is the perfect program for anyone who wants to help the police scout for the crime. The people will be in charge of watching over their neighborhoods and can report any suspicious activities to the police.
  • Police Explorer: Police Explorer programs are geared for children who are of the age 14 and above. Through these programs, children learn about what goes into policing a city, and they build their character by participating in various community projects
  • Police Volunteer Unit: Any adult who has crossed the age of 21 and has no prior criminal record can join the Volunteer unit, and help the police officers maintain the safety of their city.
  • Project Lifesaver: This program is geared towards helping all those people who are assigned to be the caregiver of another person who is at risk of getting lost, for example, nurses of people who are suffering from dementia. In this program, if any patient does get lost, the volunteers of Project Lifesaver help in tracking the person down and bringing them back safely home.
  • Shop with a Cop: Families who are undergoing financial distress and kids are part of some not- so- happy homes can shop during a holiday of their choice with an officer, who will help them to buy anything that they want for a happier holiday.
  • Victim Assistance: People who have been the victims of a crime can get physical and mental help through Victim Assistance programs, which will help them become a part of society once again.

City of Cape Coral Police Department

Cape Coral Police Department Address

1100 Cultural Park Boulevard

Cape Coral 339900

Cape Coral Police Phone Number

For any emergencies, please call 911.

For any non - emergency situations or if you have any questions which you would like answered called the Cape Coral Police at (239) 574- 3223

Cape Coral Police Department Email

In order to contact the Cape Coral Police Department by email, you can go to their contact page on their website, and directly send them your query there. The Cape Coral Police Department does not have separate email addresses for queries.


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