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Car Junk Yard: What is a Car Junk Yard and What Should You Know

by Maria S.

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Car Junk Yards – Everything You Need to Know!

Owning a car gives us the freedom to drive to work, meet our friends and travel without having to rely on public transportation. Unfortunately, buying a car isn't something that everyone can afford. Also, people who already own cars and have to repair them, cannot get their hand on the rights replacement parts. So, what do you do when this happens? Fortunately, in our ever-recycling world, you can build an entire car or get parts for cheap in a junk yard or a scrapyard, and here is what you need to know about these places.

What is a Junkyard?

A junkyard, despite its misleading name, is a business that handles decommissioned vehicles and dismantles them. In plain language, a junkyard is a place where cars go to die and where their organs are donated to others; when a car comes into a salvage yard, it is checked for usable parts, which are then removed from the vehicles and sold to people or businesses who need them. These parts are known as 'scrap metal parts,' and they are mostly sold in companies that handle metal-recycling. There are several types of wreck yards that handle scrap metal, and the most common kinds are the ones that handle automobiles and their parts, such as cars, motorcycles, boats, and even small airplanes.

Car Junk Yard

What is a Scrapyard?

A scrapyard is where scrap metal is delivered to, meaning it is a metal recycling center. A scrap yard buys and sells scrap metal, such as steel, iron, brass, copper, etc. To get the base metal, scrapyards buy electronics, metal vehicles and appliances, and when a certain amount of scrap metal accumulates, a scrap yard will sell the metals to large scrap brokers or refineries.

Junkyard Operations and Sells

The parts that scrap yards and salvage yards sell are high in demand, for both companies and private individuals. Why? Because while there are many parts that can no longer be used, there are also parts that can be used like new ones. Each year, millions of tons of scrap metals are recycled, but there are also usable parts that can be used by garages and people who need parts for their vehicles. This means that you can buy parts that you cannot get in other places, and replace the faulty parts in your car. If you know your mechanics, you can also purchase parts to build an entire functioning car, which many people do when they cannot afford to by a new or used vehicle.

Car Junk Yard Near Me

If you want to get scrap metal for whatever reason it may be, you can google the names of the wreck yards near your home. It is advised that you call in advance to find out the operating hours of the place you are considering going to and find out if they sell parts every day or on certain days of the week. Once you find a salvage yard near you, you can go ahead and buy scrap metal or metal parts, and these tips will help you with your mission.

Junk Yard for Cars

Wreck Yard Tips You Need to Know

Entering a salvage yard means entering a wonderland of scrap metal where you can buy valuable parts for little money. You can get a bit confused when first going to a junk yard, but if you follow these tips, you will be able to find what you are looking for without spending time and money:

1. Take a bag/box – no matter which parts you are looking to buy, you won't be able to carry them by hand. So, you should take a box or a heavy-duty bag that can carry the parts you purchase. Needless to say, that it is highly recommended to drive to a scrap yard or take a ride there. To protect the car you are taking, put an old blanket in the backseat or the trunk – this will prevent them from getting dirty by grease and rust.

2. Check out salvage yard websites – there are many junkyards that operate websites, and you can save yourself a lot of time when you visit them. On these sites, you will be able to find out if a certain wreck yard has the parts you are searching for, and go the places that can sell you the parts you need.

3. Bring your own tools – in some cases; you will need to take out the part you are searching for by yourself, so you should bring your own tools. You can use YouTube guides to find out exactly how to take out parts and which tools you should take, so be prepared and bring along the tools you will need to use.

Salvage Yard

4. Search for alternatives – there will be times where a certain wreck yard will not have the exact part you are searching for, but they will have a different part that can replace it. There are many car models with similar and even identical parts, so, even if you don’t find the part you were searching for, you will be able to get the next best thing by doing a little research in advance.

5. Purchase more than you need – to prevent yourself from going back and forth to junkyards; you can get several identical or similar parts. The low prices in a salvage yard make for great deals, and you can buy several parts and pay next to nothing on them. If all the parts are usable, you can keep one and sell the others online or in a junk yard sale of your own.

Junk yard, wreck yard, salvage yard – no matter the name, these places are awesome for those of you who need vehicle parts and have to stick to a budget. To get the parts you need, check out your local salvage yards and do a little research in advance. By spending an hour researching at home, you will be able to get great parts for cheap and replace the faulty parts in your vehicle. And for the automotive lovers among you, the parts you buy can be used to build an entire car! Just make sure you have all the parts in the right places.


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