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What are Court Cases Records?

A court case is an official argument or dispute which has been brought to a court of justice. This type of argument can be between individuals, businesses of public organizations. A legal court case might involved a criminal felony or a civil dispute. In a court case there are two parties: A defendants and an accuser. Another name for this type of dispute might be: Lawsuit. In this type of situation an accuser is asking the court for a judgment of an accusation against the other party.

The request might involve an injunction to stop a certain action, compensation such as money, or jail time. Court cases are considered public records and are released to the public. GoLookUp lets you search trough billions of public records including court cases, injunctions, felonies, arrest records, mugshots and more! When you create your GoLookUp account you get Unlimited access to our public records data base.

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What Details Does a Court Case Report Revel?

Court case search will return a person’s complete background check. GoLookUp aggregates real time public records and returns results that updated on a daily basis. A GoLookUp report will give you access to: Background Check, Arrest Records, Marriage Records, Divorce Records, Warrants, Mugshots, Sex Offender Records, Criminal Records, Juvenile Records, Prison Reports, Unclaimed Money and Much More!

Since this information is highly sensitive, we ask our customer to agree to FCRA laws and read our terms and conditions. Please information you access on GoLookUp with EXTREME caution! For more information on how to use our data, please visit our Do’s and Don’t section.

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United States Court Records: Know the Statistics!

The United States has one of the most complex judicial systems in the world that has been developing ceaselessly since the formation of the country. Keeping data on court cases is extremely important in the judicial system, as it helps to determine precedent, as well as save information on past and ongoing cases.

Since its inception in 1975, the National State for Court Records (NCSC) has been keeping track of court cases in America, and these are some of the statistics it has gathered:

Over 95% of all court cases that are filed in the U.S. are filed in state court case

As of 2016, the number of district court cases reached 368,000. That same year, there were 60,000 cases that were filed to appeals courts, as well as 795,000 cases that were filed with bankruptcy courts (all of these cases are federal court cases)

In state courts, there were 84 million court cases that were filed in 2016, and 257,000 cases that were filed in appellate courts

In 2018, there was a 7% decrease in the number of criminal appeals, reaching a total of 9,670. This was the results of declines in appeals having to do with drug offenses.

In 2017, the number of appealing's filings decreased by 16% in appellate, district, and bankruptcy courts, and there was a 10% decrease in bankruptcy appellate filings and court cases.

It is estimated that there are between 960,000 and 3,000,000 domestic violence cases in the U.S. each year. However, not all domestic violence cases go reported. The estimation is that 10 million Americans experience domestic violence every year, but only a small percent of them get reported.

The 5 most common types of lawsuits that are likely to end up in court are Employment Discrimination and Wrongful Termination, Wage Law Violations, Discrimination Suits Not Based on Employment, Torts and Breach of Contract.

In 2016, there was a 15.64% decrease in the number of criminal cases appeals. With civil appeals, there was a 0.02% increase in the number of case appeals.

The number of fraud cases and fraud defendants in 2016 was 7,138, which marked a 15% decrease compared to previous years.

Traffic offense filings in the United States dropped 10% in 2016 and reached 2,189 cases or such offenses (not including defendants that were charged in petty offense cases)

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers!

What Types of Courts Are There?
There are two main types of courts in the U.S. – state courts and federal courts. Each type includes several sub-types of courts.

What is Acquittal?
An acquittal in a judgment that determines a person is not guilty of the crime he/she has been charged with.

What is an Active Judge?
An active judge is a judge who appears in court full time, meaning from morning to night.

What is Admissible?
Admissible is evidence that is valid or acceptable under the law.

What is an Affidavit?
An affidavit is a written formal statement that details the fact of a certain court/legal case. The affidavit also becomes evidence in court cases.

What is Bail?
Bail is a part of the pre-trial in which certain restrictions are imposed on the suspects in the case to make certain they comply with the judicial process.

What is a Brief?
A brief is a document that summarizes findings, facts, and the objectives to allow the reader to understand the case at hand.

What is a Court Order?
A court order, which is usually issued by a judge or a court, is a special legal order that requires a person to do certain things or refrain from doing certain things

What is Cause of action?
Cause of action is a certain fact, or several facts, that are sufficient to enable a certain person to take legal actions against another person.

What is a Default Judgment?
A default judgment is a judgment that is in favor of one of the parties in a certain case due to the failure of the other party to take the proper action.

What is Evidence?
Evidence is a collection of information and/or facts that indicate whether or not a certain belief is true.

What is an Injunction?
An injunction is a court order that that refrains a certain party from doing a specified act.

What is a Judgment?
A judgement is a court order that details the decision in a certain lawsuit.

What is Jurisdiction?
Jurisdiction is the authority given to a certain authority that gives it the power to administer law and justice.

What is Lien?
A lien is the legal right to keep property of possession that belong to a certain person until they pay off their debt.

Is Searching for Court Cases Free?

Case and court records are public records and can be found in various public directories. However, organizing data, cross referencing and matching right data end points can be very costly. Though many websites advertise their public records service as free, that is not true.

If you are searching for premium court records and you will need to pay a one time fee or a monthly membership fee for unlimited searches. GoLookUp offers unlimited searches with its membership account as well is a $1 background check trial account!

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