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Cash App Review: What is Cash App by Square and What are its Best Features

by Kelly B.

Cash App, Cash App Review, Cash App Direct Deposit Review

Cash App Direct Deposit Review

There has been a rise in technology replacing everyday activities; there is a growing increase in the number of financial apps that are available to us today. Square Inc has developed a peer-to-peer payment service called Cash App that makes payment easily accessible and user-friendly.

What is Cash app?

Formerly known as Square cash, Cash app is a mobile payment app service that allows its users to transfer money to each other through the app and it has been created and developed by Square Inc. It is a free app that individuals can download and use easily to send, request, or receive money. You can download the Cash App from iTunes or Google Play, or just sign up on the website.

You can register by entering your email or mobile number, and Square will send you a confirmation code. The Cash app always asks you to first log in with the passcode that it provides to your phone or email. After you have registered,  you will be prompted to link a debit card. After which, you can link more bank accounts or a credit card and after that is done, your Cash account is set up and you can start using it.

Cash App

How Does the Cash App Work?

You as an individual or a business can download the Cash App for free on your iOS and Android devices through the App Store or Google Play. After linking a debit card to the app, users can begin sending money to and receiving money from other users of the app.

Square Cash launched the Cash Card in May 2017, which is a Visa card that gets linked to a user's Cash App account. You as a cash card user can use the free the same way that you would use a debit card to pay retailers with the money in your Cash App. 

Here are Some of the best features of the Square Cash app:

1. Simple and user-friendly interface

Square Cash has been developed in such a way that it is one of the simplest and most effective user interfaces for a financial app. The app has a numeric keypad that has buttons at the bottom of the screen that is used for requesting for and sending money, and the buttons at the top are used to check your account details and transaction history, which is in the shape of a clock.

2. Easy transaction processes

Usually, you can't pay any stores, whether brick-and-mortar or online but on Cash App, when you receive money, you can either keep the money in your Square account or enable the Auto Cash Out option that deposits the money to your connected bank account directly. Cash App also gives you the ability to cancel payments from the app.

, Cash App Review

3. Higher limit

The Cash app has a more reasonable limit, and it allows you to pay $250 within a week and receive up to $1,000 within the time frame of 30-days. If you add more verification like your social security number, the limit increases.

4. Easily accessible

Now, the app has assigned a personal $Cashtag for every user which allows users to send and receive money through their $Cashtag URL, without asking for their email addresses or phone numbers. Cash app users can also share their $Cashtag so that anyone can send them money.

5. Pricing

You do not have to buy the app to install it, it is free and available. There are, however, some fees attached to the mode of payment and type of card being used, for which the details are all mentioned in the app.

Cash App Direct Deposit Review

Is Cash App Safe?

To make sure all its users and their financial data are safe, Cash app uses the following security measures:

  • Account Notifications Push – the account push notifications send users alerts whenever there is account usage. The push notifications are sent via text messages and emails. Then, users can view the activity and notify the Cash support system if they see any suspicious activity being made in their accounts.
  • Security Locks – to log into Cash, users must first be identified; Cash operates a touch ID, PIN entry, face ID verification to protect any payments being made by users. So, to perform any financial transaction, users must be identified by one of these identifying methods.
  • Encryption – Cash App uses the strictest industry standards to secure user data, and it is audited against the PCI Data Security (PCI-DSS level 1).
  • GDPR – Cash App uses the latest General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standard. The system guarantees the protection of user data and users transactions.
Square Cash App Review

Transferring money with Cash App is quick and easy so you can make good on payments you are due. To make sure users are safe, the app uses the highest security measures so you can rest assured that your money and account information is kept safe at all times.


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