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2020 Catch a Cheater: Get All the Tips for Busting a Cheater in 2020!

Cheating has been a common occurrence in relationships since time immemorial. While in the past it was perhaps harder to find an accomplice to cheating, with today’s technology, affairs thrive. Websites exist for the sole purpose of helping you find someone to conduct an affair with, mobile applications are developed to hide texts, calls, and pictures from someone looking at your phone.

Cheating can happen in two ways, the first is a relationship that occurs with someone existent in the cheater's life, it can be a friend of their partner, a coworker or an old high school friend. The other way is connecting with someone via an app or website in order to cheat. 

While it is difficult to identify if a partner is cheating in our day and age, we will go through some of the common websites and apps that are used in cheating, and if your partner uses on of these services, you should look into it more thoroughly. 

2020 Catch a Cheater: Tricks, Sites and Apps Cheaters Will be Using in 2020

Websites for Cheaters

Craigslist- Seeing Craigslist open on a partner’s computer is not necessarily a sign they are cheating as the site is used for a large number of purposes, from furniture sales to singing lessons. Craigslist is an online marketplace for anything you can think of, including sexual relationships. There are sections of the site where people post that they are looking for one night stands and a plethora of other activities that attract cheaters. 

Ashley Madison- With the tag-line “Life is short, have an affair” this website has one purpose, and it is known. The site even gives you hints about how to hide the use of the site stating it is suggested to create a fake email solely to register for the site. Charges to the credit card will show up as something discreet so that no record of the payment can be connected to the name Ashley Madison. As of February 2019, Ashley Madison claimed they had reached 60 million members and helped create one million affairs every month.

Marital Affair- Exactly how it sounds, Marital Affair puts no effort into hiding what the service provides. Marital Affair market themselves as a discreet online community for married people, (and singles) that are looking to inject passion, excitement and a noncommittal thrill into their love lives. The website also hosts a blog that covers ranging from “How to have an affair without getting caught” to “Casual vs serious dating”. 

2020 Catch a Cheater

Gleeden- A website made by women claims to be an alternative to divorce, in an age when divorce rates are sky-high, adultery can be a form of therapy the site claims. A mixture between the words Glee and Eden, referring to the Garden of Eden, Gleeden is free for women to use, and is marketed as a dating service for men and women to have no strings attached fun. 

Tinder- Tinder is a very well known application used for hook-ups, it is not the most discreet way of finding someone to chat with, but it is one of the simplest. If you are curious if your partner has a tinder account you can try signing up for the application using their phone number, if there is a message saying that an account already exists with this cell phone number, your partner may be using Tinder behind your back. 

Apps Cheaters use

Apps for Cheaters

A common trick cheaters use to hide their affairs is to keep everything hidden from their significant other. Sadly the app market is full of these apps available for both android and iOS.  

Viber- Viber is a messaging app available for both iOS and Android. It seems like a regular messaging app but includes features that are perfect for conducting affairs. Viber has an option to send messages that can be programmed to self-delete after a certain amount of time. The app also has a secret chat option that cannot be seen without a passcode. 

Telegram- Another app notoriously used for illegal downloads, drug dealing communication, and other nefarious purposes is Telegram. Telegram has various features that help one delete or be secretive in their communication. These include a secret chat option and a self destruct feature that deletes the message after a specified amount of time. 

Calculator %- This app is cleverly disguised as a calculator. Upon opening the application, all one sees is a regular calculator, but if you type in a PIN followed by = sign, the app will open into a secret vault for pictures and videos. The app even has it’s own private browser. If your partner has more than one calculator app installed on his/her phone, this can be a sign one of the apps is false. 

Tricks Used by Cheaters

There are many lies and tricks people use to hide their cheating from a partner. There have been studies and some of these tricks may surprise you but are ingenious in how simple they are. 

cheating tricks

  • When lying to cover a tryst, men tend to say they are working late whilst women favor saying they were out with friends or went to the spa. 
  • Men often save the “other woman”’s number under an alias on their phone in an attempt to avoid suspicion. 
  • Men occasionally set up separate bank accounts to cover extra-marital expenses without arising the suspicion of their partner. 
  • Some cheaters even rent or own a separate apartment in town that they use for cheating purposes. 
  • Women tend to spend time covering the appearance of their affair and will be prepared with a cheating kit. This kit usually includes perfume, makeup, toothpaste in order to cover signs of sexual relations. 
  • Many cheaters keep a change of clothes in their car or at work and often have a gym membership that they use as an alibi, and where they can shower off the evidence of their unfaithfulness. 

While many of these tricks, apps, and websites can be a sign of cheating, if you see your partner using them, it does not necessarily mean they are cheating, but it is a sign that you should dig deeper. 

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