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Cheating Statistics in the State of Alaska

Cheating Statistics in the State of Alaska

Cheating is the worst thing that you can do in any relationship. Many relationships in the world break only because they cannot handle the burden of infidelity. No partner can easily adjust to the idea of their partner sleeping with someone else. Marriages used to be sacred at a point of time. Now almost half of the married couples in America apply for divorce.

Alaska divorce statistics

Many people believe that the young generation does not have much respect for the institution of marriage. On the contrary, they give much more importance to marriage than the previous generation. It is true that they prioritize themselves first. First, they wish to get their finances and life sorted before they commit to someone else forever. In 1992 the divorce rate all over America was 4.8 divorces per thousand people, and in 2018 the rate was found to be 3.2 per thousand people. This is proof that in the USA  the divorce has been constantly declining

Alaska divorce statistics show that the average divorce rate in the state is around 11.6% according to the official census report of 2010. Cordova a city in Alaska has the highest divorce rate in the state. In Cordova, only 3200 people live but with the divorce rate of 20.2% in the city the number of divorcees is around 577. The state of Alaska stands in the 8th highest position among the other states in the USA when it comes to the divorce rate. 3.6 per 1000 residents are divorced.

Alaska Cheating Statistics Alaska marriage statistics

The average marriage rate of America according to the last census report is 6.9 for every thousand people. As more and more people of the young generation are taking their time to get married, the marriage rate has been on a constant decline, in most states including Alaska.

The Alaska marriage statistics show a thorough decline in the marriage rate. In 1990 the marriage rate was 10.3, which reduced to 8.4 in 2000, then 8 in 2010 and 6.9 in 2017. ranking it in the 20th highest place among the other states.

Alaska Inter-racial marriage statistics

Fifteen percent of all the new marriages are between people of different ethnicity or race, according to the last official census of 2010 in America. Compared to the 1980 census report the numbers have actually doubled. This data was almost double to the number of inter-racial marriages in the USA in the year 1980.  Among heterosexual, inter-racial marriages the marriage between blacks and whites are the fourth most common.

Alaska inter-racial marriage rate holds the second position. 19% of all marriages in Alaska is between two people of different race or ethnicity. Most common Alaskan inter-racial marriage is between American-Indian and native Alaskans.

 Alaska Divorce Rates

Online activity of Alaskan people

Do you know the number one thing that people do after sending work emails is watching youtube videos? Many people from Alaska use YouTube as a self-help site. There are numerous videos on YouTube with titles such as –

  • How to know if your husband is cheating?
  • How to know if your wife is cheating?
  • Ten ways to make a marriage work?
  • How to live with a man who has cheated on you?
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  • How to have a happy life after divorce?
  • Can an interracial couple live happily in Alaska?

All of the videos with similar content help the people of Alaska to deal with and get information on marriage, divorce and anything in between. These videos make them feel that they are not going through something alone.

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