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Catch a Cheater: Cheating Signs and Catch a Cheater Tools You Have to Know

Cheating is one of the leading reason for relationships ending, despite couples still loving one another. Often, romantic partners carry on affairs for a long time before their other half finds out, which makes cheating a lot more painful. Like other problems in relationships, cheating has several tell-tale signs that indicate someone is cheating. While it may be difficult, the following are signs of cheating that you should be aware of and start noticing if things seem a little off in your relationship. Also, if you want to be sure that your partner is cheating, there are several online tools you can use to make sure what's going on.

Signs They Are Cheating

The following are signs that may indicate your partner is cheating on you, so take them under notice if you think someone is unfaithful to you:

They forget to tell you they went out

One of the biggest signs of cheating is lies of omission; people who cheat tend to "forget" to tell their partner they went out with friends one night. If this happens once, there's probably no need for concern. However, if your partner keeps forgetting to tell you that he/she hung out with friends in certain evenings, it could be because they are lying about who they went out with.

Are They Cheating

They seem nervous around you

When people are in a relationship, they feel comfortable with their romantic partner, so their body language is relaxed and fluent. However, when someone is cheating, they will start behaving strangely, and begin to seem nervous around their partner. So, if you suspect you are getting cheated on, start paying attention to your partner's body language; rocking back and forth, crossing arms, avoiding eye contact – all indicate nervousness and that the person in front of you does not feel comfortable around you because they have something to hide.

They become very attached to their phone

Oh, the modern-day phone… we use it to text, make calls, get from one place to the other, and communicate with our love interests. The same phones are also used as a means of cheating and concealing the truth from romantic partners. These days, when people cheat, they become unnaturally attached to their phones; they take them to the bathroom, keep it in their pockets at all times, and try to prevent from their partners from getting anywhere near them. So, if you start noticing that your partner won't leave their phone alone, it could be because they have something to hide.

Am I Being Cheated On

And they text constantly

Having an affair means communicating with someone who is not a friend, a colleague, or a family member. As a result, the person who cheats uses their phone more often, especially to text. While phone calls are hard to conceal, texting makes cheating easier. If your partner us suddenly a text-whizz and reacts to texts with a smile or a giggle, it could be because there is someone on the other side who is making them excited.

They become more generous than usual

Getting gifts from your partner is always nice unless it's because they are cheating. When people cheat, they try to cover their tracks by lavishing their partner with presents. Also, cheaters will look very cheerful and peppy when they cheat, as a result of the excitement from the affair. So, while gifts are nice, they could indicate cheating, especially if your partner doesn't usually buy you things out of the blue.


They use cash instead of credit cards

Credit card bills can be easily traced, and they indicate cheating. So, people who cheat prefer to use paper money that cannot be used to track their purchases. If your partner is hitting the ATM more than usual for no apparent reason, like growing bills, it could be because they are trying to cover the financial tracks and the fact that they are spending money on someone else.

How to Find Out They Are Cheating

If you racked up signs that your partner is cheating, it's time to find out if your suspicions are true. First of all, you need to be certain as possible that your partner is cheating and not to start throwing around accusations. Second of all, you need to be sneaky when checking to cheat; if you want to find out who your partner is communicating with, wait until they are separated from their phone. Then, look up numbers that they often call or text.

Once you have several suspicious phone numbers, you can run a reverse phone lookup on them with public records' search directories, like GoLookUp. When you enter a phone number into this catch a cheater tool, it will scan public records that are registered to the name of the person that the phone number belongs to. At the end of the search, you will get a report about the said person, including their name, contact information, social media accounts, and much more. So, you will be able to find out who your partner is speaking with and whether there is cause for concern.

How to Discover Cheating

Another way to use technology to discover cheating is by using a GPS phone tracker; to use this tool, you need to download a GPS phone tracker to your phone. Once you have a tracker app, you will be able to use it to find out where your partner is (with most apps, there's no need for their phone to have an app too).

You can then use the GPS app to track down your partner and find out if they are where they say they are. If you find out they are lying to you about their whereabouts more than once, you might need to have a talk…

Finding out you are cheated on is one of the hardest things that could happen in a relationship. If you suspect your partner is cheating on you, there are ways to find out if you are right. Just make sure that you are prepared to handle what you find out. The answer is often hard to deal with. 

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