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  Cheating Warning Signs You Should be Aware of!

Statistics show that a surprisingly large number of marriages break apart due to cheating. Adultery is one of the leading causes cited as the reason for divorce. The reasons for cheating can be numerous, with some citing that they are no longer in love as the reason for their infidelity. However many couples still in love still suffer from infidelity in their relationships as well, thereof it is important to be aware of characteristic traits of cheaters as well as signs of cheating behavior. 

While cheating is one of the most common causes of breakups, and there are plenty of situations where suspecting a partner of cheating is justified, one needs to be sure before making any assumptions. Accusations of cheating are seen as a breach of trust and can lead to breakups as well. This article will show you the warning signs of a cheater so you can investigate thoroughly beforehand. 

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Cheating Traits You Should Be Aware of

While not every cheater will exhibit every trait in this list, if a person exhibits a few of the traits listed below as well as shows some of the signs that will be listed, it may be cause for concern. 

Narcissistic Behavior: If your partner exhibits traits like self-obsession, constantly looking out for him or herself, they will be more likely to cheat, as they do not tend to care about the effects their actions have on others. 

Adrenaline Junkies- People who always need to feel the adrenalin and live a life of relative normalcy may look for other methods to fulfill their need for adrenaline, and if cliff jumping is not an option, cheating may be another way. 

Impulse-based Decision Makers: If your partner always lives in the moment, and does not take time to think about decisions, in a case where he/she has the opportunity to cheat, they will be less likely to see the end result of their actions and take advantage of the opportunity. 

Insecurity- If your partner shows signs of being insecure, it may lead them to seek a relationship outside of your own in order to boost their self-esteem and give them confidence. This is especially true if your love life at home is not satisfactory. 

Dysfunctional Family History- Someone who comes from a broken home or a house with a history of divorce, infidelity, violence or other sorts of issues will usually be more likely to consider cheating to be acceptable. 

Deceitful- If in other parts of the relationship you can see that your partner shows signs of deceit such as lying and trickery, even if it is for little things such as going out to a bar with friends, this shows a willingness to lie and can be a sign of lying about other parts of the relationship. 

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Cheating Signs You Should Be Aware of

There are many lies and tricks people use to hide their cheating from a partner, but many of these lies and tricks are used commonly by all cheaters due to their simplicity and necessity. If these tricks are being used on you, it can be a sign you are being cheated on. 


Working Late Often- If your partner often makes excuses why he isn’t home in the evening, one of the easy excuses to make is that he/she needs to work late. While this is excuse can often be true, if there are other signs of cheating in addition to this, be wary. 

Expenses with no reason- If your partner has expenses that he/she cannot justify on a regular basis this can be because he is paying for hotels, restaurants, and gifts for the person on the side. Some cheaters even pay for a separate apartment that they keep for extra-marital affairs.

Showering Outside the Home- If you notice that your partner often comes home smelling fresh, but doesn’t show other signs of going to the gym, he/she may be trying to remove signs and smells of cheating before returning home. Many cheaters also keep a spare set of clothes in their car or at work. 

Hiding Access to phone- When someone denies access to their phone to someone who they are supposed to be fully honest with, it is a very strong warning sign that they are doing something they are not supposed to. Even if there is no cheating, it can be flirting with a coworker or friend, and under certain circumstances turn into cheating fairly quickly. There are also apps within phones that are designed to help with hiding content, so if he/she has secret vault apps, they are hiding something. Some cheaters go one step further and have a second phone or sim card that they use. The second phone even if is described as work or emergency phone can be a sign of illicit relations. 

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Guilt- If your spouse looks like they feel guilty about something and act overly nice to you without a reason you can think of, this usually means that they did something wrong and are trying to alleviate their guilt by making you feel good. While this can be for any number of reasons, cheating is usually one issue that most people cannot admit due to the severity of their actions. 

While many of these tricks, apps, and websites can be a sign of cheating, if you see your partner using them, it does not necessarily mean they are cheating, but it is a sign that you should dig deeper. There are many methods of confirming if your partner is cheating.

You can confront them without accusing them of cheating and see if they will admit it themselves. You can use a private investigator to track them or use a tracking application to see if they are lying about where they are located. You can also use background check searches to see if your partner has a past that he/she did not tell you about. 

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