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Cheating Statics in the State of Kansas

The easiest way to catch a cheater from Kansas, or find the rate of cheating within a marriage in a State is to measure the State's marriage rate against its divorce rate. The reason behind this is that cheating in a marriage very often results in divorce.

Kansas has both a higher marriage as well as divorce rate compared to the rest of the nation. This shows that people tend to both ties as well as untie the knot at higher rates indicating the possibility of greater rates of infidelity in the State.

Kansas Divorce Rate

High divorce statistics in Kansas indicate that there could be greater chances of infidelity. The State has a higher divorce rate than the national average, both among men as well as women.

According to data gathered by the Census Bureau, the national average for divorce among men is 9.2 out of every 1000 married men. The same rate for men in Kansas rises to 10.6 out of every 1000 married men.

The data for women getting divorced shows that the national average is 9.7 women out of every 1000 getting divorced. The data in Kansas rises to 10.2 out of every 1000 women.

Kansas Cheating Statistics

Kansas Marriage Rate

Kansas marriage statistics show that despite higher rates of divorces, there are higher rates of marriages as well. This is also another indicator for cheating within relationships or cheating being a reason why relationships end. The reason behind this is the high rates of marriage in the State compared to the national average despite high divorce rates as well. With high rates of divorcing couples remarrying, relationships tend to lead to marriage as well as divorce at higher rates in Kansas.

The national average for marriage among men, according to data from the Census Bureau, shows that 19.1 out of every 1000 men get married. The data for men in Kansas shows that 22.1 per 1000 men get married, a significant raise from the national average.

For women, the national average is 17.6 out of every 1000 women getting married. For women in Kansas, the statistics go up to 10.6 for every 1000 women.

Kansas Marriage Rates
Inter-Racial Marriage Statistics for Kansas

The population data for people belong to an inter-racial background in the State of Kansas is 3.39%. This falls just behind the dominant population of people who belong to a white ethnic background at 84.9% and those that belong to an African American ethnic background at 5.80%.

This shows significantly greater inter-racial population in Kansas. The State is known for high marriage and divorce rates, with men from Kansas remarrying more often than women. Higher Kansas inter-racial marriage rates increase the chances of more diverse gene pools in the State.

Social Activity of Users in the State of Kansas

Modern conveniences have made social activities in the State of Kansas all the easier. This also applies to the State of Kansas. Here, the higher marriage, as well as divorce rates, indicate that people continue social activities outside of marriage.

The statistics don't all point to the end of long term marriages either. Often, an indicator of a divorce in the long run in early marriage. Data shows that states like Arkansas, where the average age of people getting married is between 23-24 has greater rates of divorce.

Another reason for higher divorce and marriage rates points to the possibility of infidelity in the marriage. Higher marriage rates indicate people find partners easily and higher divorce rates indicate that they also move on from those partners easily. The statistics show that this data actually works in favor in Kansas as more people tend to stay married than they do divorce. However, the divorce rate still ranks higher when compared to the national average.

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