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Cheating Statistics in the State of Vermont

The marriage and divorce rate all over America is decreasing. In Vermont, though the marriage rate is decreasing the divorce rate is increasing. This article will discuss the Vermont marriage, divorce, and interracial marriage statistics.

Vermont divorce rates

The divorce rate in the state of Vermont is higher than the average American divorce rate. Which in itself is a lot? Forty to fifty of married Americans get divorced.

The average divorce rate of the state of Vermont is 12.5% which is higher than 10.9% that is the national divorce rate. The city of Barre has a 22.1% divorce rate, that is the highest in the state.

Vermont marriage rates

Almost half the population of Vermont is married. 49.7% of people in Vermont are married. In a perfect world, marriage is supposed to last a lifetime. Sadly in the contemporary world that is no longer the case. The decrease in divorce is directly proportional to a decrease in marriage rate all over America.  The average marriage rate of America according to report is 6.9 for every thousand people.

Vermont Cheating Statistics
The new generation namely the Generation X and the millennial actually take marriage more seriously. They want to wait to get married to the right person. The young people are prioritizing education and career and once they believe they are in a stable place financially and economically only then they wish to get married.  This has increased the average marriage age all over the world.

The Vermont marriage statistics show a decline in the marriage rate like most other places in the USA. But the decline in the marriage rate is not necessarily a bad thing. It can also reflect a change in society where people are not rushing into marriage. They are taking the time to make this life-changing decision. This is also the reason that divorce rate all across America is steadily declining.

Statistics show that if people get married after the age of 30 the likelihood of divorce lessens by more than fifty percent for those people. In the year 1990, the marriage rate was 10.9 which in the year 2017 was found to be 7.9 per 1000 resident of the state of Vermont. This is relatively still a respectable number. As with 7.9 marriage rate, it comes at the 7th highest position out of all the other states.

Cheating Statistics Vermont

Vermont inter-racial marriage statistics

One out of every 10 couple in Vermont is now an interracial couple. Interracial marriage happens when two people coming from two different races marrying each other. In America, the maximum amount of interracial marriage is between Black and White people, then Hispanic and White people, followed by White and Asian people. Among the Asian people, the people of Chinese origin are mostly married to White people.

While the national rate has been on the rise the rate in Vermont is not that impressive. Vermont has only a 4% rate of inter-racial marriage. Which is significantly less than the national statistics.

Online activity in Vermont

In a Vermont university study, it was found that social activity online is like second-hand smoke as it is mostly controlled by people around you. People directly or indirectly follow the trend on the internet. Your social media profile shows you the things that you like, connects you with like-minded people. And has a strong effect on your decisions and judgments. What you want to buy and the political news that gets to you is all there on the internet.

It is fairly easy nowadays to track a person’s whereabouts and all their activities on social media. That is also the reason that people look at the social media profile of someone first to know all about them. Many cheaters in Vermont have been caught only when their spouses went through the log of their online social activities.

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