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Cheating Statistics in the State of Wisconsin

The state of Wisconsin has defined adultery as a married individual indulging in sexual intercourse with another individual who is not the spouse of that married person. However, the courts in the state do not consider proof of cheating while deciding on whether to grant the divorce or not to the petitioning couple. So, if you thought that just to catch a cheater is enough to dissolve his/her marriage in Wisconsin, think again.

What matters to the court that the marriage did not click, the reason for its failure does not matter. However, how both the parties behaved during their marriage could be considered while deciding on issues like child custody.

Wisconsin Divorce Rates

According to the Community Survey conducted in 2013-2017, Wisconsin divorce statistics show a 10.7-percent rate as compared to the average divorce rates across the United States, which was at 10.9 percent.

According to the 2013-2017 Community Survey, the overall divorce rate in Wisconsin is 10.7%, which compares to the US divorce rate of 10.9%. Also, in 2017, around 18.5% of the state’s population aged fifteen and older went through a split marriage.

Wisconsin Cheating Statistics

Tomah was declared as the state’s divorce capital according to a publishing service called 24/7 Wall Streets. While the percentage appears to be on the higher side within the state, it is not so nationally. In 2017, the state of Wisconsin had the country’s 6th lowest rate of divorce.

A journal called Couple Family Psychology published a study, which revealed that some of the topmost reasons for couples getting divorced in Wisconsin include young marriages, excessive and frequent arguments, cheating, and lack of commitment.

List of Cities in Wisconsin with the Highest Rates of Divorce:

1) Tomah

2) Antigo

3) Rice Lake

4) Edgerton

5) Wisconsin Rapids

6) Jackson

7) Sturtevant

8) New Richmond

9) St. Francis

10) Lake Mills

It is imperative to note here that it is a state of “no-fault” divorce meaning that in case a person or his/her spouse has reasons to believe that their marriage is broken or badly damaged so that it cannot be salvaged at any cost, while the judge also agrees to it, a divorce order will be issued by the court without prolonging the procedure.

There is no need for the spouses to provide proof or testify about the reason for their marriage to end. As a no-fault divorce does not permit the spouses to sling mud at one another when they are in the courtroom, the legal proceedings become much faster and the divorcing couples do not have to go through heartaches and agonies.

Cheating Statistics Wisconsin
Marriage Rates of Wisconsin

The state’s marriage rate was 5.6 marriages for every one thousand residents in 2017. Some other key Wisconsin marriage statistics for people aged 15 or above are as follows:

  1. Around 39 percent of the females and 35 percent of the males in the state were found to have never married.
  2. 50 percent of the females were married as opposed to 52 percent of the men in Wisconsin.
  3. 13 percent of the females and 11 percent of the males in the state were found divorced/separated.
  4. While 9 percent of the females in the state were widows, just 3 percent of the men were widowers.

Inter-Racial Marriage in Wisconsin

According to a study conducted in 2010, around 15.1 percent of America’s new marriages were interracial. However, Wisconsin inter-racial marriage statistics show a low rate of inter-racial commitments since 90 percent of the state’s population is white.

Wisconsin Social Activity

The state of Wisconsin has an approximate population of 6 million people and a great place for people who wish to indulge in social activity.

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