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10 Signs Your Husband Might Be Cheating

Cheating husband signs that you need to notice

Research suggests that men aren’t built for monogamous relationships. In fact, a study showed that 25% of the married male respondents had cheated on their wives at least once.

While this isn’t an indicator that your husband may cheat on you, you may have wondered what the signs of a cheating husband look like. If you have, read on. Here is a list of the 10 signs to look for, to know if your husband is cheating on you:

1. He is constantly bombarded with messages from a stranger
One of the most important signs your husband is cheating is how he is always preoccupied with texting a stranger on the phone; often, at odd times of the day. If you notice your husband voluntarily and happily answering calls or texts from an unknown number, it could be that he’s cheating on you.

Also, frequent use of the cell phone is an indication of cheating. If your husband is unfaithful, it could manifest in him using his phone more often than usual, and sometimes even going to a different room to use it.

2. He stays back at the office almost every day
Some men find their cheating partners at work. If your husband, who would normally come home on time, starts staying back at work for late hours almost every day, it could be one of the signs your husband is cheating. Even if your husband's love interest is not a colleague, cheaters will often use work as an excuse for why they are not home.

In these cases, cheaters will claim they have a lot of work to do, so they need to stay late at the office. In reality, they are meeting the person they are involved with using their job to come home late.

signs of a cheating husband

3. He starts taking more interest in his appearance
Men either take an immense interest in their appearance all the time or they don’t. It's very rare that a man suddenly becomes interested in how flat his stomach is or how ripped his arms are or how much hair he has on his head.

If your husband has become too appearance-conscious these days and he’s investing a lot in new clothes, gym membership, and new perfumes, it could be one of the signs your husband is cheating on you.

4. He’s gotten more silent than usual
Men aren’t given to communication; at least not like women. So while it's okay that your husband isn’t a wordsmith, it is a cause for concern if he goes completely radio-silent on you. Secrecy makes many men fidgety and they tend to prefer keeping quiet than saying the wrong thing and exposing their affair.

signs your husband is cheating

5. He’s become extremely generous with his wallet all of a sudden
Many married men feel guilty about cheating on their wives and they try to make up for it by treating their wives to extravagant things and experiences. If your husband starts to splurge on your or the kids without reason, it could be a sign that he’s cheating.

6. He avoids taking you to certain places
Men who cheat are always afraid that their wives may run into their girlfriends somewhere. This is when they try to restrict your movements.

Have you suddenly stopped going to the restaurant you used to love to go before? Is your husband refusing to let you enroll at a particular gym? These are some of the common signs your husband is cheating.

signs your husband is cheating on you

7. He doesn’t include you in any of his plans
If your husband has started planning solo trips all of a sudden or he goes off on holiday by himself, without even asking you to accompany him, it could be one of the signs your husband is cheating on you. This is especially true if you and your husband used to go on trips together before and now you don’t.

8. He’s suddenly developed new interests
Your husband probably didn’t like art or Indian food before you got married. But now, he’s suddenly developed an appreciation for things he was never interested in. This could mean that he’s interacting with someone who loves these things, and this person could be his paramour.

New hobbies and interests are not always indicative of cheating, but they can be a red flag in relationships. So, if your husband's new interest has come out of the blue along with other signs on this list, it could be that he is interested in his lover's hobbies, or he is making up new interests as an excuse to spend time away from their home and their spouse.

cheating husband signs

9. He’s really careful about who he responds to on social media
It isn’t who your husband responds to on social media that you need to keep an eye on, its who he doesn’t respond to. One of the common signs of cheating is how your husband persistently avoids responding to posts, DMs or comments by a particular woman; while responding to everyone else’s.

10. There is no intimacy between the two of you
Finally, one of the biggest red flags, the surest signs your husband is cheating, is how he’s stopped asking you for sex. This could mean that he’s being intimate with someone else and finds you unnecessary.

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