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Effects of Infidelity on Divorce in Mississippi

Is There a Provision For Fault-Based Divorce In The State?

In case, you plan for a divorce in Mississippi, you can get it in two ways. The first is if you have a reason and the second is if you agree. If you have a reason for applying to the divorce, it is called fault-based divorce. The second one is mutual understanding and agreement to separate between the partners.

What is poor about fault-based divorce in Mississippi?

Not just in Mississippi, but even in other states, a fault-based divorce is an expensive endeavor. Expenses here do not only indicate monetary expense. But, it also denotes emotional spending and time spending along with energy spending. But, the unfortunate thing here is that a fault-based divorce is the best way to begin the separation process. Even, it might end up agreeing to a no-fault agreement settlement.

Legal reasons to divorce in Mississippi:

Nearly 12 things are identified as legal reasons to divorce in Mississippi. The list is as follows:

  • Adultery or infidelity
  • Natural Impotency
  • Being sentenced to a jail
  • Habitual drunkenness
  • Desertion
Does Infidelity Affect Divorce in Mississippi
  • Habitual use of drugs
  • Habitual inhuman and cruel treatment
  • Being already married at the time of marriage
  • Insanity
  • Incest
  • Pregnancy at the time of the wedding by another person
  • Incurable insanity

So, now you know that infidelity is one of the reasons for which you can claim a fault-based divorce in Mississippi.

Infidelity in Mississippi:

Infidelity is common and it does not need proof of bodily association. Even, if you show that your spouse has the opportunity and inclination to consummate an extra-marital relationship, it is enough. Here, proving it is important. Otherwise, you cannot get a divorce on the ground of infidelity.

You cannot state what would have happened. You should be logical about the claim you make against your spouse. Also, you should prove his/her infidelity with proper evidence. Even, you can use recorded telephone calls, private investigator reports, emails as evidence.

It might be hard to find any evidence at times. In this case, there can be no other better choice than getting the admission from the cheating spouse or from the paramour. In Mississippi, illegal cohabitation is a crime. However, it is never prosecuted.

Infidelity and Divorce

Do you think your spouse is engaged in infidelity?

Do you believe that your spouse is not true? Relax, you are not alone. Infidelity is always common and it is high in the United States. IT is not that men alone are unfaithful; women can equally be unfaithful to their partner. However, most wives are known to do it because they lack intimacy with their partner.

Even, some do it because of a lack of emotional connection with their spouse. Even though men cheat for similar reasons, some might do it just for an adventure. In most instances, infidelity is a sign of a relationship that has already some issues. If you believe that your spouse might be cheating, you can consider the following tips:

  • If your spouse is hiding his/her cell phone, there is something fishy
  • The same thing happens with his/her social media accounts as well
  • If you find that he/she has developed a new habit, just watch it close
  • Do you feel that recently your spouse is emotionally disconnected with you? He/she might have a new relationship

When you see the changes mentioned above, just try to find details of the whereabouts of your spouse. If you find that your spouse is cheating, it is better to gather evidence. You should do this not just to talk to your spouse, but even to apply for a divorce on the grounds of infidelity.

To conclude, infidelity can have an effect on divorce in Mississippi. This might not happen in your case as each couple is different. You can talk to an attorney in this regard.

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