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Secret Online Dating: Is Your Partner Cheating On You?

Cheating is one of the most painful things that one can go through, but unfortunately, it is much more common than you might think. It is no surprise than cheating has become easier with the entry of the internet into the palms of our hand; nowadays, people can cheat by texting, sexting, sending secret messages, and some even go as far as opening a dating profile while being in a relationship. If you suspect that your partner might be unfaithful and has a secret dating profile, this is what you need to do:

Signs Your Partner is Cheating

Before you begin your search for a secret dating profile, you need to ask yourself if you have good reason to suspect cheating. The following are telltale signs of cheating that can help you answer the question and begin your search for a secret dating profile:

  • Your partner is acting distant – they avoid intimacy and do not share with you as much as they used to
  • They pick fights for no reason – this is a classic sign of cheating that is intended to deflect the blame and guilt from your partner on to you
  • They become secretive with their phone/computer – most people don't mind if their partner sneaks a peek into their phone or computer once in a while. However, if your partner is suddenly protective of their phone/computer, it could be a reason for suspicion
Secret Dating Profile
  • Change in sexual activity – if your partner is suddenly very passionate or is not interested in sex with you, it could be indicative that something is going on that is affecting his/her sex drive
  • Improved appearance – wardrobe changes and an increased interest in one's appearance could mean that they are trying to impress someone, and not necessarily you
  • They are unavailable for long periods of time – everyone can get busy from time to time and not have the option to pick up every phone call or answer every text in a timely manner. However, if this type of behavior becomes repetitive, it could mean that your partner is spending time with someone else.
Secret Online Dating

Does Your Partner Have a Secret Dating Profile?

Each sign of cheating could be insignificant on its own, but if you notice several signs of cheating, you should check if your partner has a secret dating profile. How can you do that? In one of the following ways:

1. Open a dating profile – if you suspect that your partner has an active dating profile, you can open a fake account, write down all the qualities they search for, and connect with them through your fake profile. This method is effective, but you will need to register to several popular dating sites to find your partner if he/she indeed has a dating profile.

2. Perform an email search - online dating profiles are connected to email addresses, so you can backtrack your partner's email and find out if there are online dating profiles that are associated with their email. GoLookUp's reverse email search will help you find profiles that are connected to your partner's email, including dating profiles.

email search
3. Do a reverse phone number search – phone numbers are also linked to dating profiles, so you can run a reverse phone number lookup with GoLookUp to find out if your partner has a secret dating profile.

What's Next?

Once you find the answers that you were looking for, you should be prepared to face the consequences. If you discover that your partner is cheating on you and has a secret dating profile, you need to decide whether to confront him/her. If you decide to do so, you should first plan how to tell them about what you found out and how you did. The next step is deciding what to do, and you should have answers prepared if you have a conversation with your partner. It will not be easy, but it is necessary, whether you decide to continue the relationship or end it.

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