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How to Deal with an Unremorseful Cheating Husband?

As much as we may like to believe that we know the person we are married to, at times they prove us to be wrong. We all look forward to a marriage filled with love and loyalty. However, nowadays, infidelity is on the rise and dealing with a cheating husband is nothing new. We live in a society today where we feel that anything works and as such, people feel it is okay to cheat in a marriage.

While partners do cheat sometimes, a lot of couples find a way to reconcile and start rebuilding their marriage. However, in some cases, you get stuck with an unremorseful cheating husband, which can complicate things.

If your husband feels no remorse for cheating on you, then you surely have a problem on your hands. It is bad enough that your husband felt it was okay to break your trust and cheat on you. Leave alone the pain of being let down, when your husband cheats and shows no remorse, you will obviously start wondering if he respects your marriage at all. Worst yet, you may wonder if he would feel entitled to do it again.

Cheating Husband

Cheating Husband, No Remorse – What Do I Do?

When your husband cheats and shows no remorse, you have a lot of thinking to do. The first thing you must do is give yourself some time, to find strength in yourself, and decide if the relationship is worth saving. If the answer is yes and you believe you can save your marriage, you need to be ready to face his accusations.

Because husbands that are not remorseful for cheating will not take responsibility for their actions. 

On the contrary, they will try to pin the blame on you. They will tell you that you are the reason they cheated on your marriage in the first place. They will claim that you do not communicate enough, or that you are not available when they need you. 

It’s not going to be easy, but you must stand up for yourself and do not fall for his tricks. Keep reminding yourself that nothing gives your husband the right to cheat on you. If there was an issue with communication, then he should have tried to talk to you about it, like respectful adults. No matter how rocky a marriage gets, it is never a license to cheat.

The best thing to do in the case of an unremorseful cheating husband is to give yourself some time off. Move away from the house to distance yourself from the situation and gain more objectivity. Relax and let your mind cool off. Remember that you are not responsible for his actions, and do not blame yourself for his doings.

Then explore the options at your disposal to deal with an unremorseful cheating husband.

Unremorseful Cheating Husband
Seek Therapy

Clearly you are not going to be able to get through to your husband if he is unwilling to take responsibility for what he did. No matter what you say, he is going to keep justifying his actions. If this is the case but you both want to save the marriage, it is best to seek therapy with a professional.

There are a number of couples counselors who can act as the mediator between you and your husband and try to help you sort out your issues. The experts will look into the reasons why the cheating occurred and ways you two can stop it from happening again.

A marriage counselor will always be on the side of the marriage going forward, but it may also be a good idea to each take an individual therapist, to be able to express emotions unconditionally, without the presence of the other partner.  

Arm yourself with patience

Most unfaithful spouses will not be remorseful in the early stages of recovery. It can take some time for them to start experiencing guilt and understand your point of view, through the healing journey provided by therapy.

At first, if a cheating husband has decided to come home to the marriage, leaving the person they cheated with, they might go through a period of grieving. It might take them a while, without any contact with the other person, before they start thinking rationally again and start feeling remorse for what they did.


It is important to note that for any of the above to work, your husband also needs to be willing to work on your marriage. If your husband does not want to go to therapy and still refuses to take responsibility for his cheating after a long time has passed, then, unfortunately, the only thing left to do is to leave. In that case, there is minimal hope for having a quality marriage with this person.

Remember that you deserve to be happy. And with a husband who cheats and then has absolutely no regret for cheating, it is unlikely that you will be happy for very long. If you still want to try to work things out, leave for a while. Tell your husband you need some time off and revisit your relationship in a few weeks or months.

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