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The paradise island state in the Pacific is famous for having the highest interracial marriage rate in the USA. Though some statistics argue that divorce is more common among inter-racial couples; still the divorce rate in Hawaii is lesser than the national average.

Hawaii Interracial marriage statistics

Hawaii can be called the melting pot of the Pacific. Hawaii is that paradise island on planet Earth where Americans, Chinese, Japanese, Philipinos, native Hawaiians, and Portuguese have consensus on ‘modus vivendi’. That means they happily and peacefully co-exist and intermingle. The Hawaii interracial marriage statistics is proof of just that. From the start of Hawaii’s contact with the outsiders and the outside world, the circumstance and situation in Hawaii have always been extremely favorable for the racial fusion process.

It started right after Captain James cook came across Hawaii by accident and married off two of his captains with high born native Hawaiian women. Soon there was a marriage between men of all social extractions and native Hawaiian women of all social classes. From the early nineteenth century, Hawaiian society was formed by people from all across the world. By the 1850s there were more than fifteen hundred foreigners on the island.

Cheating Statistics Hawaii

Hawaii became so popular because of its a significant location in the Pacific trade route. This affected the sex ratio of the island drastically. In 1886 there were around 5000 foreigners living on the island but the sex ratio was 385 men for every 100 women on the island. Only in 1900 after the arrival, a large number of Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese women did the sex ratio start to go towards being stable.

Hawaii inter-racial marriage rate holds the first position among all the other states in America. The marriage rate of Hawaii is 39% which is more than double the national average. In the second position comes 3 states New Mexico, Oklahoma and Alaska each with 19 percentage of inter-racial marriage. Four out of ten individuals in Hawaii marry someone of a different race or ethnicity.

Hawaii divorce rates

The Hawaii divorce statistics show it to be less than the national divorce rate of  10.9%. In Hawaii, the divorce rate is 9,5% according to the Community survey conducted in 2013-17.  Hawaii is a cluster of volcanic islands. In the state of Hawaii, the highest divorce rate of 16.9% can be found in the Hawaiian Paradise Park. Around 11570 people live there among them around 1500 are divorcees.

Hawaii marriage rates

The average marriage rate of America according to report is 6.9 for every thousand people. The Hawaii marriage statistics show that the marriage rate in Hawaii is the second-highest among all the states in the USA. 49.8% population of Hawaii is married. Compare to the national statistics the rate is much higher.

Hawaii Divorce Rates
Social activity of Hawaiian people

The people of Hawaii are extremely relaxed and chilled people. The most rampantly growing industry in Hawaii is the tourism industry. Many of the local people of Hawaii are somehow directly or indirectly associated with that industry. During the holiday seasons, the tourists in Hawaii are more than the locals. If you have read the book or watched the movie The Descendants by Kaui Hart Hemmings you will get a good enough idea about the social life of the people in Hawaii.

It follows the story of Matt King whose family has been living on the island for generations after one of his ancestors married a Hawaiian princess. The story is also about his relationship with his wife who has met with an accident but Matt cannot decide how he feels about her anymore after he has found at that she had been having an affair with a married one.

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