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He Has a Lot of Female Friends. What Should I Do?

That times are changing at a rapid pace is an undeniable fact. Of course, the attitude and outlook of people are also changing. Earlier, girls moving with boys without inhibitions and boys moving freely with girls used to be considered taboos. But nowadays, there are no such restrictions. In fact, if you have a number of boyfriends, others will think that you are highly sociable. But if you have a boyfriend whose friendship you value the most and if he has a lot of female friends, you are likely to get confused as to whether you should worry about this or you can take it lightly. Let us find out more on this.

He Has a Lot of Female Friends
1. It is true you may be jealous

If you find yourself feeling jealous when your boyfriend is gladly spending time with his girlfriends, you should introspect honestly to find out if your jealousy is based on insecurity. If your jealousy is just about him, there is no need for you to worry about it because this feeling of jealousy is natural. But if it is based on insecurity, there is a reason for worrying. Especially, when the behaviors and the body language of the female friends of your lover show that they nurture romantic ideas about each other, your feeling of insecurity may be still stronger. You may start worrying as to how to deal with this?

Experts suggest that you should study the characteristics of your lover first. There are men who eagerly look at other girls or women and these men with wandering eyes may be prone to get attracted by the other girls. On the other hand, if your boyfriend is strong-willed and the beauty or the activities of other girls do not seem to shake his willpower, there is no reason why you should worry about this or feel insecure about it.

If you still feel insecure about the girlfriends of your lover even after confirming that he is strong-willed and will not succumb to silly temptations, it is you who has to mend the ways you think and view things.

When He Has a Lot of Female Friends
2. What should you do if your suspicions are right?

If your suspicions are right, and if your boyfriend is really cheating on you by having romantic relationships with other girls, you can tackle the issue in two ways. The first way may be the Nazi or aggressive method. You can wage a war and make him confess about his relationships. You can warn him of the consequences as well. If you think that you can manage without his friendship, you can even decide to separate.

On the other hand, if you think you cannot live without his company or you cannot afford to lose him, you should first try to talk to him in a polite manner as to how you get mentally disturbed and how you feel insecure due to his behaviors. If the person loves you also sincerely, he will try to mend his ways. But some men do not just care. This means your talking may not yield the results you have wanted, In this context, if you think continuing the relationship is better than separation, you have to tolerate his behaviors.

Remember that you can never impose behaviors on others and this includes your close ones or even your lover. If your boyfriend decides to be unfaithful, you cannot do anything about it because all your efforts to change his behaviors will go in vain.

3. Understand how your boyfriend will behave if he comes to know of your jealousy and insecure feeling.

Some men may just say that they are having only friendly relationships with the girls and there is no romance involved in it. Therefore, they may try to justify their friendships. There are others who may adopt an aggressive approach. Your lover may also follow this approach when he has a lot of female friends. He may tell you that he will continue with such behaviors regardless of what you think about it.

To summarize, if you have a boyfriend and if he has a lot of friends and most of them are female friends, you need not feel insecure or be worried if your gut feeling says that nothing is wrong in the ways they move with each other. On the other hand, if you feel that something is fishy in his relationship with the girls, you can follow the above suggestions.

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