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Serial Cheaters Personality Traits that You Need to Know

Being cheated on is never a good experience. Losing trust in the person you love, brings along a lot of emotional hurts. Even worse is being in a relationship with a serial cheater.

A serial cheater is someone who has the tendency to cheat over and over again. A lot of people cheat in a marriage. And most people admit that it was a one-time thing and they feel remorse that they hurt their partner. Such people are careful in the future and do all they can to regain the trust of their partner. Those with serial cheaters personality disorder however, do show remorse, but they do not necessarily feel it. Understanding serial cheaters signs and serial cheaters personality traits will help you determine if you are stuck with a serial cheater.

Here are some signs that will help you spot a serial cheater.

They Hide Their Phone from You 

One of the first ways to know if you are stuck with a serial cheater is if they consistently hide their phone from you and keep it face down when you are around. Couples who do not intend to cheat are open with their phones and social media accounts. If your partner seems to be hiding their phone from you and gets aggressive when you touch their phone, they surely have something to hide.

Serial Cheater

They Use Self-Diagnosis to Explain Serial Cheaters Psychology 

Serial cheaters will try to use psychology to explain why they cheated. Without meeting with a psychologist, they will give you a psychological explanation for their behavior. Do not fall for this. They are just trying to weasel their way out of the consequences of being unfaithful to you.

They Might Show Over Affection 

If your partner suddenly shows you a lot of affection and doesn’t on other days, there might be something up. Serial cheaters tend to achieve balance by showing you affection when they are cheating on the side. They may also do this to distract you so that you do not get suspicious of them.

They Want To Keep Things Light

Serial cheaters will often avoid serious conversations and will refuse to broach subjects that can lead to emotional discussions. If your partner doesn’t feel comfortable expressing feelings linked to your relationship, it might be a sign of a tendency towards serial cheating.

They Are Sweet Talkers 

If your significant other can talk his or her way out of any situation, they might be a serial cheater. When your spouse cheats on you, he or she will show remorse and tell you this will never repeat. They will appear to be so sorry for their actions and their words can win anyone over. If you notice that your spouse uses his or her tact with words to get away with cheating, he or she may be a serial cheater.

Serial Cheaters Personality Disorder
They Are Risk-Takers 

Serial cheaters most often are risk-takers. They get a thrill out of doing risky things like cheating and not getting caught. If you find that your spouse or partner suggests extremely risky activities out of the blue, you may want to keep an eye on for signs of cheating.

They Admitted To Cheating In Previous Relationships

If the person you are seeing admitted to cheating in a previous relationship, it might be a pattern. Try and understand if they feel remorse, and if they have undertaken any psychological work to make sure they don't act like this again. If they haven't taken responsibility for their actions, there is a high chance they might continue the same behavior.

They Are Unpredictable 

Right from the onset of the relationship, serial cheaters do not like to set a pattern. They tend to be extremely unpredictable and they do not have a schedule that they stick to. Right from the start, they will come home at random hours, they may go out without checking in with you, they may suddenly take off on a holiday. If you notice that your partner has an extremely unpredictable schedule, you may just be in a relationship with a serial cheater.

Can a Serial Cheater Change

The saying once-a-cheater always-a-cheater is not really true. Everyone is capable of change. One just needs to be willing. But getting a serial cheater to change is no easy task. If you are committed to the marriage or relationship, you can give him or her one or two chances, after that, it is best you leave. Because if you want them to respect you, you will need to respect yourself first.

How Can a Serial Cheater Stop Cheating?

First, a serial cheater may not want to stop cheating. If it is their way of life, they might love this lifestyle more than they love you. So your first question needs to be, does he or she wants to stop cheating? If their will to change is genuine, then you need to start by setting boundaries. Talk about the limits that you feel comfortable with and be open about your concerns. Communication will be a key factor of success.


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