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Ways to Tell Your Husband You Want a Divorce

After being part of a marriage for some time, you may have come to a realization that you don’t want to continue with the marriage. There could be various reasons for this. It could be differences that can’t be reconciled, constant arguing and marital discord, infidelity, or any other reason. Whatever may be the reason, you may have decided that enough is enough. Once you have decided that you want a divorce, the next thing is to tell your husband about it.

As a wife, you have decided you cannot continue with the marriage. You need to now convince your husband to agree with your viewpoint so that you can have a quick divorce without messy litigation. How do you do this? The following are ways to tell your husband that you want a divorce from him.

Review Your Decision

Before you tell your husband, you need to review your decision. Are you sure about it? Do you want to go ahead with the divorce? Or, did you take the decision in a fit of anger? Take some time to think about your decision. Go through the reasons for the divorce and consider if they can be fixed. If you feel they can be solved, then you can proceed in a different way. Else, you need to tell your husband you want to end the marriage.

How to Ask My Husband for a Divorce

Prepare Yourself to Talk to Your Husband

You will, obviously, have to talk to your husband in person and tell him why you are unhappy and demand a divorce. Prepare in advance, what you are going to say. Practice what you will tell your husband. You must tell him the reasons and why you have taken the decision. Decide how you will start the conversation. You may not want to drop it like a bomb on him.

Find a Place and Time

Ask your husband to give you time for a conversation. Find a quiet place where both of you can talk freely without disturbance. Doing it in the presence of children is a big no-no! Also, doing it in a café or public space leads to disturbance. So, ask your husband to turn off or mute his mobile phone and sit with you for a talk. This itself will tell your husband that something is coming up.

How to Ask for Divorce from Your Husband,

Consider If Someone Else Should be Present

If a violent husband is a reason for the divorce, then you may want to have someone else with you or nearby. This is for your safety, in case your husband becomes violent. That person can be a family member, close friend, or even a counselor. If you fear your husband, then you may even consider calling up and conveying the news on the phone.

Go Ahead and Tell Him

Now that you are prepared, tell him about it. Don’t show your anger or frustration. Handle the situation calmly. Speak in a low voice, but be firm in what you say. Avoid showing emotions. Explain what the problem is. Give a background by talking about the problems and how you tried to solve it but failed. Point out firmly and politely that your husband did not help in solving the problem. Then tell him of your decision.

Handle His Response

His response could be anger and shouting, in which case you need to calmly talk to him. Handle all objections, angry responses he raises and replies to them. You may ask for a separation before the divorce is filed. Once he agrees, which may take many sessions of discussions, you can proceed with further plans on going ahead with the divorce.

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