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The Emotional Effects of Cheating on Women

There are no ways about it. For most people in this world being cheated on is one of the worst feelings. For a woman who genuinely loves a man, it is heartbreaking. Infidelity destroys relationships and lives of people. Cheating is one of the leading causes of why people file for divorce in the USA. Cheating is also a very popular motive for homicide.

In this article, we will discuss particularly how a woman feels when she gets cheated on. Just to be clear no matter the gender, it is a horrible feeling for anyone who has been cheated on. Unfortunately, it is a statistical fact that 20% of the men and around 13% of the women cheat on their partners in a marriage.

To a woman getting cheated on feels like the biggest betrayal. Woman psychologically associate emotional intimacy with physical intimacy. If they feel intimate with someone they are physically involved with that person. Making love is a way of expressing their love for the man in their life. That is why when a man cheats on a woman, she feels emotionally and physically cheated and bling sided.

How A Woman Feels After Being Cheated On

At first, when a woman hears that a man has cheated on her, the first thought that comes to her mind in disbelief. She cannot easily fathom the fact that someone who she trusted, cared and loved could actually do this her. She cannot easily accept the fact that this is really happening to her. It literally feels like a gut punch. Generally, her partner is someone whom she trusted the most and depended on the most. The news shocks her and she never really forgets that feeling ever.

Emotional Roller Coaster

The news of infidelity causes a lot of emotional turmoil. Once she starts accepting that her partner is a cheater, she goes on a quest to find the answer to why. ‘Why’ haunts her takes away all her sleep. Most of the women start to think if it was somehow their fault, that their husband or boyfriend cheated on them. They start to think maybe somehow they were not enough or they did something wrong. If you are a person going through this situation, please be kinder to yourself. The blame of cheating is on no one else but the cheater. If a person is not satisfied or happy in a relationship he can easily communicate and discuss that before cheating on their loving partner.

Being Cheated On
How He Cheated?

A woman won’t be able to stop thinking of the different ways her partner manipulated her and lied to her. She will think of all the times he lied on her face. She will keep obsessing all the times that she should have caught him in his lie. Those moments will become hugely significant in her mind. If the cheating is discovered to be an affair, she will think everything was a lie. She will start believing everything that they shared as a couple is an illusion, she will never be able to trust him completely ever again.


All this mistrust and feeling of betrayal will drastically affect her self-esteem. Even the most confident person at least for some time will have very low self-esteem. Even if she does not want to she will continually compare herself to the other woman. There is no way around it. Her head will be filled with obsessive thoughts which will replay in her mind.

All the cheating jokes will hurt her. Popular songs will bring back those memories time and time again. After all of that with time maybe with time, she will forgive him or she will leave him to build a new life. But this is guaranteed she will never forget the pain.

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